Samsung How to change the screen mode on a Samsung mobile? If we carry out any survey about which is the company of ...

Samsung How to change the screen mode on a Samsung mobile? If we carry out any survey about which is the company of …

If we conduct any survey about which mobile device company our readers use the most, and we consider statistics and numbers from around the world, We can believe for sure that most of them have a Samsung device, always within the ones that run Android operating system. In any case, we must say in this sense that the Korean terminals are still the most popular on the planet, and that is why they ask us for tutorials all the time.

One of the reasons that I personally find interesting to acquire a Samsung mobile over any of the competition, has to do with the fact that the Korean usually works very well on the screens of its terminals, being its AMOLED an excellent alternative for which look for a great experience in this regard. Indeed, we have to say that beyond that, few know that Samsung terminals allow us to have the possibility of modifying the way we see the screen, to make the most of it.


Changing the screen mode of a Samsung

Before going into details, we have to point out in this sense that when it comes to the screen mode of the Samsung, the tutorial that we are going to teach you is useful for its main exponents, that is, all the Galaxy S, and also the Galaxy Note, to point out some of the best known. The truth is that we know that some users will prefer the brighter colors, while others will want a more opaque screen at a certain point, but the important thing is that you always, always know how to modify them.

To do this, the first thing you should know are the different screen modes that are available when we think of Samsung mobiles, So next we are not only going to mention them, but also tell you a little about some of their main characteristics.

  • Adaptive Display: We then start with the first of the modes that we can establish for our Samsung device, in this case a mode that is responsible for automatically optimizing all the colors that appear on the terminal screen, as well as saturation and sharpness. In any case, if you like very bright colors, you should not stop giving it a try.
  • AMOLED cinema: AMOLED Cinema Mode is a completely different mode from what we can find in many other terminals from different manufacturers in the Android world. It is a mode that also automatically adjusts the color levels, betting on better brightness, and a saturation and contrast just above average, which gives the device screen more life. If you usually move in low light situations it can be a really interesting mode for you, although you have to know that it also produces a somewhat higher energy expenditure than usual.
  • AMOLED photo: Of course, we can see with the naked eye that this mode sounds quite similar to the previous one, although unlike the cinema, it bets more than anything to try that the colors, the brightness, and the sharpness, resemble the situations of real life. It is a mode that forces the use of the battery much less than the previous ones. In this way, if what you do with your mobile is to read an article at the office, or chat a bit from the armchair at home, but you like to have a somewhat more aesthetic look, it could be your best option.
  • Basic: and we finish with the Basic Screen Mode of the Samsung Galaxy, of which we really cannot say too much more than that it is recommended if you do not find too many differences between all those that we have been teaching you before. If you do not intend for the brightness of the screen to saturate you, but neither to be straining your eyes to see the content of your device, we believe that this can be a great alternative.

How to change the screen mode on a Samsung Galaxy?

If at this point you want to change the screen mode of your Samsung Galaxy, what you have to do in the first instance is to go to the Main Menu of the device, and then to select the Settings screen, which is one of the first to appear. hand. Within it we go to Screen and backgrounds, of course, and then we have to select the Screen Mode option. Of course, all the modes that we mentioned before will appear to you, so you can choose the one you like the most.

What screen mode do you use on your Samsung?