Samsung Galaxy Solution Samsung Galaxy does not turn on All smartphone users will fully agree that ...

Samsung Galaxy Solution Samsung Galaxy does not turn on All smartphone users will fully agree that …

All smartphone users will fully agree that when it comes to making use of our phones on a daily basis, the most annoying thing that can happen to us is that the mobile device does not turn on, and although it is evident that it is a problem rare, that does not mean it does not exist. In any case, we have to emphasize in this regard that Any inconvenience of a Samsung Galaxy does not turn on that you have experienced, you can solve it from here.

The first thing we have to point out in this regard is what any of us can observe just by taking a look at the main social networks and forums, and that is that there is a very common problem in all Samsun phones: sometimes, out of nowhere, They stop working. What happens on these occasions is that, when we talk about a Samsung Galaxy not turning on, many users decide to abandon their equipment or simply sell it to us, not knowing that they can actually get it back without problems.

One of the keys that you have to take into account if you have reached the moment when your Samsung Galaxy does not turn on has to do with the fact that it is a problem that usually gives some prior warnings. To be clear, we have to say that it is possible that previously you find that your mobile begins to give failures or problems with the ignition or its load. If you are going through this previous stage that we describe here, it is especially important that you take into account what we say.

Samsung Galaxy not charging

The first thing you have to do if your Samsung Galaxy does not turn on is to replace all the elements that are part of the system, that is, remove the battery if you can and try one that you know previously that works, or change the charger in in case the battery is not the problem or cannot be removed. If the inconveniences continue, it is most likely that, unfortunately, you will have to resort to the last solution that is common in these situations, which is none other than the famous Hard Reset, which we have taught to do in this link.

The first step that we must take if we want to perform a factory reset or Hard Reset to our Android is to turn it off, then holding down the specific buttons that will get us to access the Fastboot menu. That is, once it is turned off, you will have to press the on or off button + the volume up or down button and you will see that the device starts, but in a different menu than usual.

Now we will then, or should we, within the Fastboot menu, which although it has slight differences between manufacturers is basically the same thing always, to the point that you should be seeing the restoration menu. We enter it of course, and we move until you find the option “Wipe data / Factory reset”, which is one of the most functional in these tutorials.

When we are at this point, the next will be to press on the Home or Power button according to the manufacturer of the device, and some even ask us for a confirmation in this regard, although we always have to affirm that function. The rest should be done by the Android itself, and if you see that the legend “Reboot now” appears, of course you will accept it. Nothing more than that is the factory reset on Android.

If once you have performed the Hard Reset as we have explained below, you see that your Samsung Galaxy does not turn on, then what you have to do is go immediately to the store where you purchased the device, where they will be able to offer you one more appropriate solution. Of course, if the Galaxy has a warranty, they should exchange it for a new one or solve the problem, and in case it is no longer valid, they would have to offer you a repair at a good cost so that you can have it working again.

This step by step is compatible with the following Samsung devices

Samsung Galaxy i75002Samsung Galaxy SpicaSamsung Galaxy PortalSamsung Galaxy SSamsung CaptivateSamsung Vibrant6Samsung FascinateSamsung Epic 4GSamsung Galaxy K14Samsung Epic 4GSamsung MesmerizeSamsung Galaxy 3Samsung Galaxy ApolloSamsung Galaxy 5Samsung Galaxy EuropeSamsung Galaxy 55013Samsung Galaxy U14Samsung Galaxy 551Samsung Galaxy Cooper Pro22Samsung Galaxy Neo23Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung Galaxy SII SkyRocketSamsung Captivate GlideSamsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G27Samsung Galaxy Z28Samsung Galaxy S PlusSamsung Galaxy RSamsung Galaxy WSamsung Exhibit II 4GSamsung Galaxy MSamsung Galaxy YSamsung Galaxy PrecedentSamsung Galaxy XCoverSamsung Galaxy Ace Galaxy Proamsung Galaxy NetosphereSamsung Galaxy Proamsung Galaxy NetosphereSamsung Galaxy XCoverSamsung Galaxy Netosphere Plus Galaxy Y DUOSSamsung Galaxy BeamSamsung Galaxy PocketSamsung Galaxy S AdvanceSamsung Galaxy S IIISamsung Galaxy AppealSamsung Galaxy StellarSamsung Galaxy S DuosSamsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTESamsung Galaxy ReverbSamsung Galaxy RushSamsung Galaxy ExpressSamsung Galaxy Rugby ProSamsung Galaxy MusicSamsung Galaxy S III MiniSamsung Galaxy FameSamsung Galaxy YoungSamsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy Galaxy A3Samsung Galaxy CoreSamsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy Galaxy A3Samsung Galaxy Core A5Samsung Galaxy A7Samsung Galaxy VSamsung Galaxy Ace StyleSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeSamsung Galaxy Core PrimeSamsung Galaxy S5 MiniSamsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeSamsung Galaxy J7Samsung Galaxy J1Samsung Galaxy J3Samsung Galaxy J5Samsung Galaxy E5Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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