Samsung Galaxy S How to Record Calls on a Samsung Galaxy S6 The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the flagship of the Korean firm ...

Samsung Galaxy S How to Record Calls on a Samsung Galaxy S6 The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the flagship of the Korean firm …

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the flagship of the Korean firm for 2015, and the truth is that both in its original Samsung Galaxy S6 version and in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, we find really complete terminals thinking about daily use. However, more than one user has commented that the Samsung Galaxy S6 did not have the possibility of having the option to record calls at hand, which is a real drag in many cases when we want to do this type of task.

In any case, the problem is that beyond the fact that we can always finally record calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6, we will always need to install additional applications that allow us to generate this recorder function, because otherwise everything will be impossible. This is because in some parts recording calls on a Samsung Galaxy S6 is illegal, and that is why the function is not present from origin, although we can establish it ourselves with a simple trick.

Remember that to record a phone conversation it is very important to have the consent of both parties. Since without consent this practice is illegal in most countries.

Steps to record calls on Samsung Galaxy S6

Well, as we said, at the end of the day we will be able to record calls on our Samsung Galaxy S6, although we have to take into consideration certain issues in this regard, such as that in our country it is not illegal to record the calls we receive. If not, then it will be necessary to comply with a couple of important requirements to record telephone communications on the Samsung Galaxy S6, which are to have the mobile rooted, and secondly, to install a file manager, something you can do from this link, in the case of ES File Explorer File Manager.

Once you have installed ES File Explorer File Manager from the Google Play Store, the first thing you should do is open the File Manager in question, and then click on the System option. When done, you will see the option of a file named others.xml. Later, at the bottom of the screen, an add option will appear where you must write the following: RecordingAllowed. When you have finished with all of the above, it will be time to save the file and restart our device.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to record our calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6, and it is that once we have rooted our smartphone, and installed the application that we discussed above, you should not have problems to be able to record them from your phone. This will be really simple, since once the call is established on the Samsung Galaxy S6, you will have a button, pressing on which the recording will start automatically, so it is extremely easy to do it.

Have you already been able to record your conversations on the Samsung Galaxy S6?