Samsung Galaxy S How to Delete the Unlock Pattern Samsung S4The unlock pattern on Smartphone is a method of…

Samsung Galaxy S How to Delete the Unlock Pattern Samsung S4The unlock pattern on Smartphone is a method of…

The Unlock pattern on Smartphone is a security method which is executed by most of the users, because it is one of the most secure which will depend on the figure that you record to be able to access to unlock our Smartphone, however you will learn to eliminate the samsung s4 unlock pattern.


In some of the cases many of us can forget the Unlock pattern of your Smartphone, which leaves us unable to access our cell phone, however if you remember the account with which you have registered the pattern, that is, the Gmail account, you can delete the pattern quickly without much difficulty, that only happens if you have access to the account from setup on Samsung S4 from Play Store.


If you do not have access to your Gmail email, you only have an alternative to remove Samgung S4 unlock pattern that it would be a reset of the cell phone or factory erasure, because it is the only possibility to remove the unlock pattern earlier of the Samsung S4.

Notwithstanding the possibility of executing a “Hard Reset to Samsung Galaxy S4”, this application eliminates all pre-established settings on the cell phone, which means that the Samsung S4 will be left completely from the factory, thus eliminating all types of previously established lock, and be it pattern, pin, fingerprint, face unlock, among others.

Remove pattern from Samsung S4

Due to not having access to the cell phone, the best alternative to remove lock pattern from Samsung s4 is to perform the Hard reset being the only possibility that remains.

To be able to do this we must have 50% of the Samsung s4 battery to execute the procedure, then the Samsung s4 must be paid in full, enter Recovery mode in this way: we will press the buttons at the same time Volume Up + Home + Power, simultaneously until the cell phone is turned on, once the cell phone is turned on, we release it while holding the other two buttons until the Recovery menu appears.

When the screen shows the menu you must scroll down to the option that says “Wipe data / Factory reset” which will carry out the process of deleting the cell phone, keep in mind that to go down or up you must use the volume keys, and to enter the power button option.

After the process is finished, it will send us to the main menu there, we must enter the option “Reboot system now” and it will restart so that it enters normal in its Android system and thus you are going to delete the unlock pattern samsung s4.