Samsung Galaxy Note Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5Possibly today it is one of the best phablets that ...

Samsung Galaxy Note Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5Possibly today it is one of the best phablets that …

Possibly today it is one of the best phablets that we are going to find available in the market. With some extremely interesting features at a price that is also very accessible. It would become the last of the Note available that do not explode in the market and today we are going to show you a few tricks that could be quite useful if you have a phablet as powerful and of as much quality as this one.

Cheats for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Something that happens too often is that on many occasions when we buy a mobile device we find that it has a large number of applications that we do not really use at all. Therefore, it is better to try to disable all these in order to save resources, space, etc. How do we do it? First of all, you should obviously go to the part of Settings, once you are there you will have to go to the applications part, select the one you want to deactivate and once inside you will see a button that says exactly disable or disable.

The wireless charging, believe it or not the Samsung S6 and S7 They are not the only ones who can use wireless charging, the good thing about this is that you can be comfortable with your phablet charging it anywhere and in less than an hour it will be ready. That if it is necessary to buy the accessory that it sells Samsung officially to achieve it.

You have the possibility to customize your Galaxy with the large number of themes that are in the store precisely from Galaxy. In this way you will be able to change themes whenever you want to easily give your mobile a unique touch.

Speed ​​up your Note 5 It is not too complicated, if you see that navigating through the menus and opening applications is somewhat slow, although that would be difficult to happen with such features. But in case you want even more speed, it would be interesting if you deactivate the animations. How is it possible? Just go to Settings, then to developer options and once there you should simply go down until you find the three options related to animations, deactivate all three and see how quickly you enter several menus, Applications, etc. Also, keep in mind that you consume less battery.

How will you see there are many tricks and ways to get the most out of our beloved samsung phablet Can you think of any? Anything leave us in the comments.