acelerar el Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J Tricks to Speed ​​Up the Samsung Galaxy J1 When It Gets Slow The Samsung Galaxy J1 is a very accessible cell phone for everything …

The Samsung Galaxy J1 It is a very accessible cell phone for everyone since its price is very cheap, but unfortunately it begins to cause problems due to its limitations. For example, the internal memory has only 8 GB of space, most of which is occupied by the files of Android, however, even though Android and pre-installed applications consume a lot of resources here we will teach you how to speed up the Samsung Galaxy J1.

A very frequent problem in the Galaxy J1 and all its variants is that in a short time it becomes very slow. This can be due to several causes, but the most frequent is that we could have installed an infected application or that it is very heavy for the few resources that the Hardware of this mobile offers.

How to speed up the Samsung Galaxy J1

As we said before, here we will look for a way to solve the problem of the Samsung Galaxy J1 slow, this can be done in several ways but the best will always be perform a Factory Reset, which eliminates all the settings and installed applications, thus leaving the mobile as new.

If your intention is to make a Hard Reset to Samsung Galaxy J1, then it is recommended make a backup of all your data, since everything will be erased and you will not be able to recover the data deleted with this procedure.

For do a Factory Reset what you should do is turn off the mobile, enter Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons for a few seconds, then you should select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option navigating with the volume controls and selecting with the Power button. This will take a few seconds, when the operation is complete you must select Reboot System to start your mobile normally.

Programs to speed up the Samsung Galaxy J1

Another way of speed up a Samsung Galaxy J1 when it becomes slow is by installing a cleaning application. These applications allow speed up the mobile deleted files that are not used and all junk files generated over time.

Since Google play You can download this type of application, a very popular and recommended one is Clean Master Lite that you can download from this linkIt is very easy to use and will leave your phone much faster and with more available storage space.

These are the best ways to speed up the Samsung Galaxy J1 when it’s been a while and it starts to slow down. When you are noticing that its performance decreases again, you just have to re-apply the Hard Reset procedure or use the cleaning application to improve speed.