Samsung Galaxy J Tricks, tips and advice for your Samsung Galaxy J2 PrimeSamsung did too well with the J line and if ...

Samsung Galaxy J Tricks, tips and advice for your Samsung Galaxy J2 PrimeSamsung did too well with the J line and if …

Samsung did too well with the J line and if we are concerned the new Prime are an improved version of something that is already quite good. The Samsung J2 Prime It has a lot to offer its buyers, considering the price that this has it offers some pretty good features, very decent. The point is that it also has its bad things, nobody can deny that and this time we are going to give you a few tricks, advice and tips related to your mobile device so you can get the most out of it.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Tips

One of the things that I find very bad about Samsung is that they released the version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for your Samsung J2 Prime and this looks like a beta version rather than a stable one. In theory, the company is working on releasing a definitive version but the truth is that the large number of bugs it has in this mobile device is alarming.

On top of this, this mobile device comes with little internal storage, it has an operating system that occupies most of the space we have and that not counting the rest of the files, in the end for us we have very little space available for applications and it makes it is essential to have a microSD for files like photos, videos, etc. Therefore, something that I highly recommend is to do a cleanup of files quite often in order to keep a good amount of space.

Furthermore, in WhatsApp I recommend (even more if you are in groups) that you deactivate the automatic download of multimedia content such as photos and videos because they end up eating all the space you have on your mobile device. One of the things that you should install is Cleaner For WhatsApp which is an app that removes the files that you are not using related to this app.

Upgrade Samsung J2 Prime

Another app that we use yes or yes always and not only consumes more than 250 MB of space and on top of it too much mobile data and a lot of battery, but enough battery, is that Facebook. Believe it or not, the app consumes too much of everything, but don’t worry, there is an app called Facebook Lite that is official too but that weighs less than 5 MB and consumes almost no battery or mobile data because it is compressed as much as possible.

It is an excellent option, perhaps not as complete as the Facebook app of a lifetime, but I assure you that it is totally worth it considering all that we save by stopping using the other application.