Samsung Galaxy J This is how you Unlock a Samsung J2 We cannot deny that the Galaxy J line was one of…

Samsung Galaxy J This is how you Unlock a Samsung J2 We cannot deny that the Galaxy J line was one of…

We cannot deny that the Galaxy J line was one of the great successes of Samsung a few years ago, we currently have a large number of versions: J2 2015, J2 2016 and J2 Prime. Little by little better versions of this mobile device come out and each one of them is better than the previous one, but obviously a great doubt that many owners of a Samsung J2 have is:How can you unlock a Samsung J2? Next, I want to tell you precisely about this topic.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy J2

It is normal that we put some form of security when unlocking the device, many choose for using pattern, even password or security pin. It is something fundamental since it is not nice that a third party can easily access everything you have on the device, so obviously protecting it is important, protecting our privacy and conversations, among other things, is essential.

The fact is that on many occasions you end up forgetting how to unlock your Samsung J2, perhaps you forgot the pattern or the password and that is when the problems basically begin.

How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy J2

The best way to do it is using the Gmail account with which you configured the mobile device, in this way you will not lose data of any kind and you will unlock the phone in a matter of a few minutes, that is why it is so important to have an account real when configuring the device for the first time, an account to which we have long-term access.

The point is that, in case of not remembering the Gmail account, the only option left is to do a factory reset, but you should know that doing this eliminates all the customization that we would have done on the phone, so that it looks as if you had just acquired it.

So it is also important to make backup copies as often as possible, depending on the amount and importance of the information you have stored on your device.

Samsung J2 Prime unlock pattern

In order to unlock it then you will have to have the battery 60% charged of the same. After this, turn off the phone completely and press and hold the volume up + home + power buttons for several seconds, until it vibrates or the screen turns on, then release them.

Now you’re going to go where it says “Wipe Data / Factory Reset‚ÄĚWith the volume buttons and confirm with the power button, once finished simply go to where it says‚Äú Reboot System Now ‚ÄĚand that’s it.