Samsung Galaxy J The Samsung J5 and J7 Battery Takes to Charge The Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 models are very similar and…

Samsung Galaxy J The Samsung J5 and J7 Battery Takes to Charge The Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 models are very similar and…

The models Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 They are very similar and not only in design, but their Hardware is almost identical in its entirety, so it is evident that several of these models have a common problem, it is that the battery Samsung J5 and J7 takes time to charge too much and in addition to this, the charge lasts very little time.

But this is not due to a manufacturing problem or because the battery is of a very low capacity, since the Samsung Galaxy J5 It has a 3100 mAh li-ion battery, and the Samsung Galaxy J7 It has a slightly larger battery than the J5, being 3300 mAh, which, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge which is smaller lasts longer.


Why does the Samsung J5 and J7 battery take time to charge?

This is a problem to be solved, and this is accomplished by calibrating the battery correctly. Both mobiles have a removable battery, so the first thing to do is check it and verify that it does not appear swollen, fat or broken.

In case the battery of your Samsung seems swollen or fatter than normal, it means that it is time to replace it with a new one since it can be very dangerous for both you and your phone, because there have already been several cases in the ones that the battery ends up exploding.

How to prevent the Samsung battery from getting screwed up?

Li-ion batteries are not designed to be plugged into the outlet for long periods of time, so It is counterproductive for mobile phones, tablets and laptops to leave them plugged in for a long timeTherefore, when charging 100%, these devices must be disconnected.

How to calibrate the battery of the J5 and J7?

These steps to calibrate the Samsung J5 and J7 battery They are valid for models of any brand, it is a process that takes a little time, but it is really effective when it comes to solving the problem where the battery lasts very little or takes time to charge.

To begin the process of calibrating the battery, it is important to let the mobile discharge completely and turn off.

Steps to calibrate a mobile battery

  1. When the mobile has been turned off, you have to let it rest for at least 12 hours, but it would be best to rest for 24 hours and thus recover its useful life, taking less time to charge and the battery would last
  2. After 12 or 24 hours of waiting, you have to charge the mobile until it reaches 100% off, you do not have to turn it on until the charge is complete, and, after having completely discharged it, you have to charge it again up to 100% but this time on.

Why does the battery take so long to charge?

If after calibrating the battery you still have problems, it is possible that the charger is damaged or it is not the original one.

If none of this works, and even the Samsung J5 and J7 battery takes time to charge, then maybe you should take your mobile for technical service, as it may have a hardware problem.