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Samsung Galaxy J The Best Applications to Record Calls on the Samsung J5 or J7A feature that has become very fashionable today in …

One feature that has become very fashionable today is that mobile manufacturers Android include in their devices the option of record calls. This can be very convenient, since it allows you to have some security during calls because nowadays it is common to see threats on the phone, calls from strangers posing as others to take away some money, so this function can help some How many users to save a test if they need it, but the problem is that not many users know how to activate this option, but here we will tell you how record calls on Samsung J5 or J7.

Record calls on Samsung J5 or J7

In case your mobile does not have a call recorder, here are a few applications that are available in the Play Store and that can be downloaded for free.

Call Recorder

This is an excellent application if what you want is record calls on Samsung J5 or J7, in fact, it is one of the most downloaded applications for Android and completely free. This application It allows record the call in multi-format audio.

Using it is very easy, after having installed it you just have to turn it on by pressing ON and it will automatically start recording when you make or receive a call on your mobile. A feature that will undoubtedly catch the attention of anyone is that this application is capable of synchronizing with Dropbox to automatically save recordings, thus it will not affect the storage space of Android. To download it you can press here.

Call Recorder

Another very good application that allows you to record very good calls. Call Recorder allows you to customize which calls you want to record, as well as remove those you do not want to record from the list. Recordings are stored in a folder created by the application, where the user can listen to them, share them and add notes, it also allows sync with Dropbox. To download this application you can press here.

Galaxy Call Recorder

This is another of the most downloaded applications from Google play for record calls on Samsung J5 or J7, for both incoming and outgoing calls. In addition to this, it allows you to block contacts and prepare a list with the recordings separated by outgoing and incoming. Also, it is compatible with any dual SIM mobile, since it has no problems to identify by means of which SIM you receive the call and be recorded anyway. You can download Galaxy Call Recorder at this link.

These are the best apps for record calls on Samsung J5 or J7 that you can download from Google play for Android, each one was tested and they are fully recommended.