aplicaciones para Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J The Best Applications for Samsung Galaxy J5 and Getting the Most Out of The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a mobile from the Galaxy range…

The Samsung Galaxy J5 it is a mobile of the range Galaxy J which has gained great acceptance in many countries, since its size is very good and it has impressive characteristics to be one of the most economical of the brand. On this occasion, we will present you the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J5 that go according to the benefits and performance of this mobile, so that you can get the most out of your Galaxy J5.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 It is a mobile that has a 5.2-inch screen, perfect for all people regardless of whether they are men or women, since most of the time women prefer small mobiles like the iPhone, but actually this model is quite comfortable to use.

Apps for Samsung Galaxy J5

Because this mobile has just 16GB of storage space, which is not much but does not tend to be short of space. But nevertheless, much of this storage space is occupied by the software that comes with Android and the operating system itself, thus leaving the rest of the availability for the user’s needs.

Many times this may seem like very little space, since we fill the mobile with files that we don’t really need. For that reason, here are some apps for Samsung Galaxy J5 which are light and will help us save some space. Let’s see:

Facebook Lite

This is an official variant of Facebook but much lighter. Consume less mobile data, space, and resources like RAM and CPU, as well as saving battery, something that makes it one of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J5.

The best part is that no need for a high-performance phone, since it is compatible with the oldest ones as long as they have Android. For download Facebook Lite you can go to this link.

WhatsApp Cleaner

The WhatsApp Cleaner is a really useful tool, since allows you to delete duplicate files that WhatsApp generates, detecting each one of them that is in the memory and eliminating them. This allows free up internal memory space, for download the WhatsApp Cleaner you can go to this link.

Assistan for Android

Another application that you must download on your Samsung Galaxy J5 it is Assistant for Android, since it allows you to make modifications to your mobile in several ways. It allows activate and deactivate options, choose which applications can be launched with the mobile, control the use of the battery, speed up the mobile and more. If you want to download this application you can click on this link.

In short, these are the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J5 what can you find in Google play. If you have any problem downloading them you can leave a comment and we will help you.