Samsung Galaxy J Samsung J7 Turns off by itself and does not turn on A lot of users have a Samsung in their possession …

A lot of Users have in their possession a Samsung J7, this cell phone model was one of the best sellers and it still continues to sell with its previous version of Samsung J7, but to many users it has not happened that the Samsung J7 shuts down alone and it doesn’t turn on in a way that when using an app or leaving the phone unused.

Samsung J7 turns itself off

That he Samsung J7 turns itself off , usually happens for different causes, however, one of the biggest reasons in the that this model turns off by itself, and does not turn on may be due to an application that causes overload in the Android operating system , it usually happens that this application consumes all the resources of the cell phone, overloading the system for which it turns off or blocks, many call it sudden death, because it turns off and does not turn on normally, even if the battery.

Samsung J7 won’t turn on

Because the Samsung J7 turns itself off And by the way I do not want to turn on the solution perhaps, it is simpler than you can imagine, through which you can save a lot of money, since in the technical services, they come to invent a reason but this case is only a superficial problem, To turn your Samsung J7 back on, we recommend doing the following.

Before starting you must have your Samsung J7, with its charger originate the electric current for a period of time of 1 hour , it may not show you on the screen that it is loading this does not matter since its loading process is doing it anyway.

In the period of time of 1 hour in which your Samsung J7 is charging, in that charging period you must disconnect it from the battery, to try to turn it on, for this there are only two ways to turn it on, the first is enter Recovery mode of Samsung J7, To enter that mode you must follow these steps, you must press the following buttons simultaneously, volume button up + Home button + Power, for a few seconds until the phone vibrates and turns on, after the screen shows you the menu, you must select with the Power button in Reboot system Now to be able to restart and start Android usually.

Samsung J7 won’t turn on

If you Samsung J7 turns itself off and we can’t turn it on or do a forced reboot, which works also when this happens, where the screen It remains black and does not turn on in any way and does not even respond when connected to the PC.

To do this restart you must press the power button accompanied by the Home button for a few seconds and it will turn on normally.