Samsung Galaxy J SAMSUNG J2 does not have a music player If there is something very strange is what happens to …

If there is something very strange, it is what happens to the vast majority of Samsung devices, especially those that make up the Samsung Galaxy J family, in which They are not included in your Android system SAMSUNG J2 does not have a player for which many users do not know what to do to be able to reproduce their songs on the cell phone.

SAMSUNG J2 music player has no player

In any case it is possible to run a risky method to install the music player of the Samsung J2 original on the cell phone, it is something very risky because to do it you must do it from the Recovery of the J2, so if you make a mistake your operating system will be damaged.

Music Player for Samsung J2

Because the Samsung J2 you do not have the music player on your system, it is best to install a music player From the google play store, there are many music player applications that are really better than the one that Samsung originally brings, these applications are compatible with all audio and video formats so you will not have any problem with them.

One of these applications which you can install without problems on your Samsung J2 is the music player application like VLC Player, which is an excellent music and video player fully recommended by hundreds of users, which is compatible with the Samsung J2 and several high-end devices, but the best thing about this application is that it consumes little memory on your cell phone which is a great benefit considering that another of the main problems that the SAMSUNG J2 presents does not have a player, is the little memory internal that owns.

If you want to download this application you just have to enter the google play Store from your Samsung J2 access and search for the VLC Player application, download and install it to use it so you can play your songs.

If you don’t want to download the application from google play you can easily download it here

Download Samsung J2 Music Player

With the music player app VLC Player, It is not necessary to download or install any other application, since this is quite complete, since it has everything necessary for our Samsung J2 can play music, it is also compatible with all versions of the Samsung Galaxy J2 family, among them we find the J2, 2015, J2 2016 and J2 Prime.

The requirement that you must have to be able to download this application on your Samsung J2 It is to have space in your internal memory, also to be aware of the available updates of the application since these improvements are being added, to be completely optimized in our Smartphone so it does not consume much space or memory, much less processor.