Samsung Galaxy J Samsung J1 Ace.  Advantages and Disadvantages Although the Samsung J1 Ace is obviously a ...

Samsung Galaxy J Samsung J1 Ace. Advantages and Disadvantages Although the Samsung J1 Ace is obviously a …

Even though that him Samsung J1 Ace It is obviously a low-end phone and theoretically quite poor features, it must be borne in mind that this device defends itself quite well. The mobile in question is considerably inexpensive and despite that it offers us a good number of features with which we will be able to enjoy a Smartphone great quality at a reduced price, obviously it has no point of comparison with other higher-end devices, but it stands up and quite well.

Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

  • First of all, it should be noted that although the version of Android is the 4.4 KitKat Keep in mind that it is possibly the best version in terms of optimization that you are going to see on Android, it is quite fast, it has practically no problems and above all it is very light for everything.
  • Taking into account that it is quite low range, it still has a 5 MP camera and above with LED flash to take great photos, especially in bright environments.
  • The battery can be removed, meaning that it is removable unlike high-end devices, so in case of any problem you can change it and that’s it.
  • With a 1850 mAh battery we have a long enough time without having to worry about whether we end the day or not.
  • Also has FM Radio to be able to have music and different frequencies without having the need to use Internet neither Wifi nor mobile.
  • Possibility of expanding the storage space with a micro SD up to 256 GB, which you will definitely need.

The downsides of the J1 Ace

  • Obviously you have to keep in mind that the processor you have is somewhat poor. We are talking about a time when at least a mid-range one has a quad-core generally at 1.7 Ghz. The J1 Ace It has a Dual Core of 1.3 Ghz so leaving aside Facebook and those apps, you can use little else that is not light.
  • The RAM it is 512 MB which is too little, the operating system uses a lot of it and we hardly have anything left for us, also that does not mean that it works badly or slow or anything.
  • The internal storage is 4 GB, most of which is occupied by the operating system, you can imagine that you have very little space left to install things or save photos. There is no choice but to use one micro SD.

Taking into account all that I just told you, we could say that perhaps it is not a good mobile. But quite the opposite because it works quite fluid, plus we cannot ask for miracles after seeing its price, right?