Samsung Galaxy J Samsung Galaxy J7 Color Pink.  The Ideal for All Flirty Girls And for those who don't, too.  Samsung definitely did quite a bit ...

Samsung Galaxy J Samsung Galaxy J7 Color Pink. The Ideal for All Flirty Girls And for those who don’t, too. Samsung definitely did quite a bit …

And for those who don’t, too. Samsung He definitely did quite well when we talked about the J family. We know very well that 2016 was not exactly one of the best for the company, we cannot deny that he did too well with family J and A, let alone of Galaxy S7 and he Edge. But when we do a bit of memory and remember the Samsung Note 7We definitely realize that it was a tough year, gentlemen, and worst of all, it was not the only thing Samsung had to deal with.

But leaving aside anything negative and focusing only on the good. The Samsung Galaxy J7 and even the J5 clearly. They are mid-range devices of quite impressive quality, especially in emerging countries where prices are not always too competitive.

I must confess and this is already something more personal. I live in Argentina, my mother has a Samsung J7 courtesy of whoever writes to you and without a doubt, it was one of the best purchases I made in the last year. Since the mobile responds at all times in a too fluid way and in addition to this, the price is too “little” compared to its quality. There are many other devices that are high-end with prohibitive prices and in this case it is the opposite.

The Samsung J7 2016

It’s just great because we find a very powerful version that has a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen and with a resolution in Full HD 1080p. In addition to this, let us bear in mind that it is quite light with a weight of 170 grams. Turn to the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

In terms of power we find 3 GB of RAM unlike the previous version, it would be double, in addition to an eight-core processor at 1.6 Ghz and with a 16 GB internal memory which can obviously be expanded with a microSD.

The camera is not far behind as it has a 13 MP main and 5 MP front. Accompanying all this a powerful 3,300 mAh battery at a price of laughter, makes it a mid-range mobile to take into account, since as I said, the price is a laugh.

Samsung J7 Pink

But going back to the main topic, the Samsung Rose Gold has an average price of $ 334 dollars (It may vary depending on the country) And it is possibly one of the best models in all of Samsung’s history in terms of low range. With impressive quality, surprising specifications and a price that makes us want to go buy it now.