Samsung Galaxy J My Samsung J2 does not load what should I doSamsung has thousands of devices worldwide is the…

Samsung has thousands of devices worldwide, it is the number 1 company in the creation and promotion of Smartphone, many have never seen the phone It stops charging or simply does not respond to the USB cable, many Samsung J2 users have had this happen, so we will explain why the Samsung J2 does not charge.

My samsung J2 won’t charge

In this case there are different factors as to why my Samsung J2 not charging, or do not turn on one of the main causes would be that the cell phone charger may be damaged, or possibly the USB cable is cut, broken, the The most common cause of Samsung not charging is the charging PIN that is unsoldered or is loose in the cell phone this happens when the chargers are removed with force or abruptly from said port.

Problems with charging my Samsung J2

To know what the problem is because my Samsung J2 not charging, it is very simple first we will check if it is the charging PIN, you just have to connect the cable USB to a computer and later to the Samsung J2, if when you connect it you get a message saying “the USB device could not be recognized” it is clear that what is damaged is the charging PIN.

Samsung j2 not charging

If this is the case, the only solution is to resort to any specialized Samsung cell phone service and change the charging PIN or if it is possible to solder the plate to have greater assurance that it will not be damaged again, since the charging pin is It has to desolder when removing the USB cable with great force.

In the last case that the problem is not the charging PIN, the only option we have is that it could be the charger of the Samsung J2 The most recommended thing is to try another charger from a family member or friend before going to buy a new one as it may be another problem.

My Samsung J2 doesn’t want to charge

If the charging PIN and USB cable have already been checked and the Samsung J2 does not want to charge simply, when this happens possibly the reasons mentioned above would not be, the possible option is that the PIN When in contact with the pocket, the wallet, among other items where you keep it, garbage, lint can enter it, which obstruct the connectors that make contact with the charger, so it is impossible for it to be loaded correctly. clean with a cotton swab and alcohol since in many times this ends up being the real problem that my Samsung J2 won’t charge