Samsung Galaxy J Main Problems and Solutions of the Samsung Galaxy J5The new Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 is an improved version of the ...

Samsung Galaxy J Main Problems and Solutions of the Samsung Galaxy J5The new Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 is an improved version of the …

The new Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 It is an improved version of the original Galaxy J5, which was launched in 2015. It is for this reason that it has been a real success in sales, thanks to the improvements that the distinguished brand has implemented in its software and hardware. Among these improvements, it is that it now has a bigger screen, more RAM, more internal storage space, a bigger battery and much more.. However, this does not mean that it is a perfect device, since this mobile brings some problems, but here you will know everything about Samsung Galaxy J5 problems and solutions.

Samsung Galaxy J5 problems and solutions

Temperature Problems

One of the main problems that the new Samsung Galaxy J5, is related to the temperature, since when using this mobile it heats up very quickly, especially if it is about playing for a couple of minutes.

This is because the games need to use a lot of the computer’s processor, as well as the RAM memory.Therefore, by having several applications open on the device, greater use will be made of these components. Based on this, the most appropriate solution is to close all processes and applications that are not in use.

Buttons without illumination

One of the problems that has caused the most inconvenience to users is that the capacitive or touch buttons of the Samsung Galaxy J5 are not illuminated, which makes it a bit difficult to use in dark places. But nevertheless, It is possible to activate the light of the touch buttons of the Samsung Galaxy J5.


A real problem is that this device does not have Gorilla Glass protection on the screen, so it is very vulnerable to bumps and scratches. The solution more effective is to protect it with a sheet of tempered glass, since they are sufficiently resistant to shocks and scratches.

Recording quality

The recording quality of the main camera is a bit poor, as does not have OIS image stabilizer. However, its camera is 13 megapixels, which allows you to get good pictures.

The only possible solution is to install applications that allow to obtain a better recording. There are many applications in the Play Store which allow you to improve the recording quality and include the image stabilizer feature.

The battery gets very hot

Some users experience overheating in their mobile battery when charging, in addition to taking a long time. This can be fixed by calibrating the battery, as well as it can also be due to factory faults or misuse of the same.

Software failures

Another problem that has become very frequent in this mobile is that it enters a very constant restart loop, usually remaining frozen on the Samsung screen. This is due to a software problem that may be caused by an application that has been installed or removed.

Sometimes it can be a virus or some malware that damages the most important files on Android, leaving the mobile unusable. But nevertheless, the solution is to flash the device ROM with the help of ODIN, but you must bear in mind that by doing this you will lose the Samsung warranty.

Others problems and solutions of the Samsung Galaxy J5 They are related to Wi-Fi, the option to share internet, camera, bluetooth, notifications, black screen, slow loading. But they are about problems that can be fixed with the Android 6.0.1 Marsmallow update.