Samsung Galaxy J How to activate the NFC in a Samsung Galaxy J In recent months, we have witnessed how people ...

Samsung Galaxy J How to activate the NFC in a Samsung Galaxy J In recent months, we have witnessed how people …

In recent months, we have witnessed how the people of Samsung, the mobile device firm that sells the most units every year, launched a series of mid-range devices that were highly appreciated by the public, specifically the Samsung Galaxy J. Of course, we have the Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J, also considering that many of them already have more than one generation available on the market.

Well, for this same reason, taking into account the success that these devices have had, we are right now with the need to be offering many of the main tutorials related to them, tutorials made to allow us to enjoy their possibilities even more. Indeed, We have to point out in this sense that today we want to teach you how to activate the NFC technology system of the Samsung Galaxy J, so that you can activate it whenever you need it.

Activating the NFC of the Samsung Galaxy J

Well, the first thing you might be wondering if you have never heard about NFC technology is what it is for, and in this sense we have to say indeed that it has several interesting uses, among which we can highlight, for example, the possibility of send all kinds of content, in addition to making payments, making connections with printers without always annoying cables, load the transport card, obtain relevant information, connect to a stereo and many others.

Good, then thinking of activating the NFC menu of a Samsung Galaxy JWhat you have to do is enter the main menu of the Samsung Galaxy J device, which as we said can be a Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy J5 or Samsung Galaxy J, and enter the Settings menu. When you are inside it, you will see that many options appear that you surely know, and one of them is of course that of NFC. Once you are in the system, just slide the button and you will have activated this technology.

Good, Once you have the NFC technology of your Samsung Galaxy J fully functional, the next thing is to analyze how we can start taking advantage of it. For starters, it is possible to send or receive all kinds of photos, videos, music, web pages, contacts, and much more. To that we have to add later that it is possible as long as you follow a certain step by step that we think you have to take into account, and that is why we talk about it.

Within the Settings of your Samsung Galaxy J, you will see that beyond the NFC system, you can also find other functions such as those called Android Beam and S Beam, which we also have to activate, since without them we will miss many attractive functions. Well, it must be said that once you have activated them, the next step is to decide what content we want to send taking advantage of this function, which we should already have selected, of course.

We are going to select it having within our reach on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy J device, and if we have the NFC activated, just by bringing the mobile closer to another device that is in the same conditions, you can transfer or make all the connections you want. This, once the classic Pulse message appears to transmit that it is the one that has to be presented on these occasions. With just Accept, then we will be carrying out the procedure that interests us.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy J have NFC technology that is one of the best that has appeared in recent times, to the point that it will allow us to transfer all kinds of content or make connections in just one second quickly and simple. In general, there are many uses of NFC technology that we can take advantage of in our Samsung Galaxy J, so you should not stop seeing it.

Have you been able to activate the NFC technology of your Samsung Galaxy J with this step by step?