activar el 4G en el Galaxy J2 y J2 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J How to Activate 4G on the Galaxy J2 and J2 Prime with this Guide Activating the 4G network on a mobile phone is something really important,…

Activating the 4G network on a mobile is something really important, since the upload and download speed is the fastest in mobile networks. It is even so fast that can be 6 times faster than 3G networks, and it is for this reason that here we will tell you how to activate 4G on Galaxy J2 and J2 Prime.

Before starting…

However, you have to keep something in mind before activate 4G networks on Samsung J2 and J2 Prime, and that is that you have to make a series of adjustments and meet some requirements. For this network to work it is necessary to contract a 4G data planOtherwise, you will not be able to navigate on this network, since most of the time the SIMCards are different, the 3G and 4G being different.

There is also a common mistake and it is that many users go to a place far from the city where there is only coverage for 3G connections, so that it is not possible to navigate to 4G due to the distance between the mobile and the antennas. That is to say, If it is not possible to connect to a 4G network due to lack of coverage, it will automatically connect to the 3G network.

How to activate 4G on the Galaxy J2 and J2 Prime

Now let’s see How to configure Android to connect to 4G with the Samsung Galaxy J2 and J2 Prime, this is really simple and we will explain it to you as follows:

1.- The first thing you should do is go to the Settings menu -> Mobile networks -> Network mode.

2.- In this menu you can manage the signal you want to receive on your mobile, by default it comes in WCDMA / GSM which is the network for 3G. You must select the LTE / WCDMA / GSM option (Automatic connection).

3.- Now restart your mobile.

With this The LTE or 4G icon should appear in the notification bar of your Samsung Galaxy J2 or J2 Prime.

This is the only way how to activate 4G on Galaxy J2 and J2 Prime, as you will see it is very simple. If you have problems remember to check the recommendations mentioned above. On the other hand, you should also verify that the APNs are correctly configured, but as this may vary depending on the operator, you must call customer service to receive the correct data for your network.