Samsung Galaxy J Common problems of the Samsung J2 Prime and their solutions We have Samsung even in the soup gentlemen and they exist ...

Samsung Galaxy J Common problems of the Samsung J2 Prime and their solutions We have Samsung even in the soup gentlemen and they exist …

We have Samsung Even in the soup gentlemen and there are a large number of mobile phones of said company on the market, all obviously of very good quality taking into account their prices, although of course, there are better than others and we could say that the Samsung J2 Prime It is possibly one of the best in terms of quality / price obviously. Although that does not mean that it cannot have any other errors, that is why what we are going to do next is precisely tell you about the most common that we usually end up crossing by saying in some way on this mobile and how to solve them.

Samsung J2 Prime errors and solutions

It is normal that to save time or make it faster, what we do is open an application like WhatsApp for example and directly take the photo from there to send it. The issue is that sometimes, regardless of where you take the photo from whether with the front or back, it comes out too dark, the issue is that when you take them with the camera directly the photos come out impeccable.

It is a problem of the operating system basically, of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and this mobile, the only solution is to wait for a new update to be released that fixes said drama, meanwhile we should take photos from the camera app and then send them.

Lack of space in mobile memory

It must be taken into account that in all mobiles the operating system consumes a huge amount of space, in total approximately 4.5 GB. So if we have the 8 GB device, we only have 3.5 GB for photos, applications, games, etc. It is essential in this case to have a microSD card since in this way what we will achieve is to have a large amount of space.

With a micro SD obviously if it is 32GB we have those full 32GB for us since clearly there is no kind of operating system or anything there, all that space for photos, videos or applications, since many of these can be transferred to the SD card. Even more if you have the possibility to rootr said device, then you have no limits in this regard.

It would even be nice if you changed the default storage of many applications to the SD card.

Unable to view 360 degree videos

Even Pokemon go It shouldn’t work for you at all well or, rather, at all “normal”. The point is that this Smartphone It simply doesn’t have a gyroscope, which is essential for watching 360-degree videos or playing games like Pokémon Go with all its options.

Bad WiFi

It is normal, again in this operating system, that this happens. The way to fix it is simple. We must put the airplane mode and activate the Wifi, it will work as usual. Leave airplane mode for a few minutes and then off. Obviously if you restart the device it is solved too.