Samsung Galaxy J Can the Samsung J7 be used in WOM?  Is it compatible? There are precisely few people who come across the ...

Samsung Galaxy J Can the Samsung J7 be used in WOM? Is it compatible? There are precisely few people who come across the …

There are precisely few people who are surprised that after being in other companies such as Movistar, Claro, etc. When they want to go to WOM they meet certain problems with 4G. Today we are going to go into a little more detail on the subject to try to evacuate any kind of doubt you have about it.

The main problem and which we had already discussed on the blog on several occasions is that the main companies like Movistar, Claro and Entel use a specific band being that WOM uses a totally different oneThe issue is that when we change the company, from the first three to the latter, we find that 4G Internet does not work, regardless of whether you have a plan or have what you have, it does not work the same. You have to settle for 3G.

Is the Samsung J7 compatible with WOM?

The answer is yes, all versions of Samsung J7 are compatible with WOM because the device has support for such mobile networks. However, we must take into account the issue of frequency to ensure that we are not going to have any kind of problems with the company WOM and that everything goes well.

You have to bear in mind that, if you buy the mobile in an independent or official store, where they sell it to you free from the factory, you will not have any kind of problems whatever the company you have. The problem comes when we buy from a company like WOM and then you want to go to other companies, that’s when you start to experiment certain problems with 4G, which are difficult to solve, to tell the truth.

In any case, what I always recommend is that if you are going to buy a mobile phone, do it free, there is nothing better than having one released from the factory. Although it may cost a bit more expensive in the beginning, in the end we end up amortizing when this kind of thing happens, apart from the fact that the day we want to resell it to be able to acquire another one when it is released from the factory it costs a little more than if we sold one that works only on WOM, in addition to the fact that the public that might want to acquire it is much larger than the few WOM users who want to have in this case a Used Samsung Galaxy J7 I explain?

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