Samsung Galaxy How to Create a Gif with a Samsung Galaxy Quick and EasyCreating a Gif is something that has already been done very ...

Samsung Galaxy How to Create a Gif with a Samsung Galaxy Quick and EasyCreating a Gif is something that has already been done very …

Creating a Gif is something that has already become very common today, since most social networks allow you to view these animated images. It is very easy to create a Gif and it takes very little time. On some occasions, it is not necessary to install additional software to create them, as there is a function in the camera that allows you to create them without much trouble. But, if your phone Samsung galaxy does not have this functionality, here you will learn how create a Gif with Samsung Galaxy.

How to create a Gif with Samsung Galaxy

As we already mentioned, There is a function within the camera of these mobiles that allows you to create a Gif. What this function does is take several photographs, which the mobile will then transform into an animation that is very entertaining.

Steps to create a Gif

1.- First you must enter the camera application.

2.- Now, you must click on More options or Mode.

3.- You can see that there are several modes available, within which you must look for the one that indicates Create Gif File, if this does not appear you can click where in to download and you can find a mode called Animated Gif.

4.- Now you must press on the camera icon for several seconds, in this way the mobile will take several pictures sequentially, about 20 images in a row.

5.- The next step is to adjust the speed at which the photos are played and with what speed.

6.- Finally, you just have to click on the button save.

Your phone doesn’t have the function to create Gif?

Do not worry, if your Samsung mobile does not have the mode to create Gif, you can download any application from Google play for this, which will be used for any mobile with Android. Among them we have the following options:

Gif Edit

This application allows you to edit an existing Gif and create a video or photos. They can be cut, reduced Gif and even insert stickers or texts. In addition, it allows sharing them through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. It allows Gif with the mobile camera and it is very easy to use. To download this application you can use this direct link.

Gif Me

This application is one of the best to create and share a short video in the form of Gif images. It is very easy to use and you only need to capture a moment with your mobile camera to share it on social networks. You can add filters to the images you want, and, among the best features of this application is that you can take captures of up to 14 seconds, share on social networks, and of course, add filters. To download it you can use this link.

Gif Camera

This is another excellent option, if not the best of all for create a Gif on Samsung Galaxy. This tool makes it easy to create animated videos, it is completely free and you can record any moment or save it on your device.