Cuanto Tiempo hay que Cargar por Primera vez mi Samsung Galaxy Nuevo

Samsung Galaxy How Long to Charge My New Samsung Galaxy One of the great doubts that many people have about …

One of the great doubts that many people have when buying a new device is:How long to charge it the first time?

For those people who want to know how long they should charge the first time they do so their Samsung Galaxy, in this article I want to remove precisely that doubt so that, once and for all, you are very clear how long should your Samsung Galaxy be connected to electricity the first time you do it, as soon as you acquire it.

First charge of my Samsung Galaxy

The first charge is important, whether you have a Samsung J5, A J7, Samsung S8 or any Samsung device, but most people get it wrong. In addition to this, we must add the fact that many sellers give bad information to their buyers, information that is generally erroneous more than anything due to their ignorance and that they are not informed about the subject of which they are giving. such an important tip.

The battery is essential for the correct operation of the device, it is important that it is in perfect condition not only so that it lasts as long as possible but also so that you also prevent it from overheating, etc.

A big mistake many people make is letting the battery drain completely to be able to put it to charge and that is not exactly what is indicated, it is even the opposite.

How long to charge my new phone

The new devices come with Lithium batteries which were designed to be able to be charged basically when you see fitRegardless of whether the phone is at 20% or 80%, you can connect it to the power whenever you want, what you should avoid yes or yes, is that the device turns off completely due to lack of battery. In case you can’t charge it and you are low on charge, you should turn it off manually to avoid this problem.

As soon as you buy it, they always have a 40% or 60% charge. Just load the same until you reach 100% and then you disconnect it, always like that. In addition, in order to take care of the battery and the phone in question, it is essential that you always use the original charger, under no circumstances is it advisable to use a universal charger or any other device, since this is one of the great reasons because you can damage the same, so to keep in mind.