Samsung Galaxy How do I know which Samsung Galaxy mobile I have? When we think of the smartphone companies that sell the most devices ...

Samsung Galaxy How do I know which Samsung Galaxy mobile I have? When we think of the smartphone companies that sell the most devices …

When we think about the smartphone companies that sell the most devices every year, we can quickly see that the Korean Samsung has been at the top of all the lists for some time, offering numbers that are higher than those of the entire competition. Now, that also leads to Many users wonder, after a while, what exactly is the model of Samsung Galaxy that they have in their hands, and in this article we are going to try to offer you the information about it.

What happens is that today the catalog of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices is so wide, that it is really difficult to know which is the specific model we have, beyond that we can know if it is one or the other option when we have only two available. In any case, the idea of ​​this article has to do with being able to specifically highlight everything related to the different Samsung Galaxy devices that we may have, so if you do not know specifically which one is yours, this will give you the necessary tools.

What model of Samsung Galaxy do I have?

One of the easiest ways to confirm which Samsung Galaxy terminal I have in hand is directly by looking at the User Manual or the box in which the device came, since in this way we can get all the specific information about it. For this same reason that we are mentioning, is that we consider it really important to always keep the boxes of the new smartphones that we acquire, since it is an option that will allow us to avoid the usual problems.

Then if we don’t have a box and no user manual, Of course we can know which is the Samsung Galaxy that is in our hands just by taking a look at the information that the software itself offers us, so we are going to teach you these types of solutions. You must bear in mind, yes, that all this we say will depend in the same way, on the version of Android that we have installed on our Samsung Galaxy, because there may be some small variants.

So, to know the model and serial numbers of our Samsung Galaxy, we are going to go to the Settings of the device, and then to its Settings. When we are in there it will be time to enter the famous About the Device section, which is one of the most recognized in terms of software. The system itself will ask us for some additional information, and we will specifically look for the one indicated as “Model Number” of our Samsung Galaxy.

This way you will get absolutely all the details directly related to your Samsung Galaxy device model, and every time you need that information you will be able to search for it again without too much difficulty, as it is an option that is very easy to search when required. At the same time we must say that if we have to install ROMs, Drivers, Custom ROM, Knowing the model number of our Samsung Galaxy is essential to obtain better results in the long run.

What model of Samsung Galaxy do you have now to know where to find that information?