Samsung Galaxy Here's How You Can Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Pocket Who doesn't remember the Samsung Pocket?  This low-end device ...

Samsung Galaxy Here’s How You Can Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Pocket Who doesn’t remember the Samsung Pocket? This low-end device …

Who does not remember the Samsung Pocket? This low-end device that accompanied many of us for a while was undoubtedly a great mobile very popular in its time, despite the fact that in general terms it did not work too fast to say, but taking into account the cost of it you couldn’t ask too much either.

But something you possibly always wanted to know isHow to take a screenshot? Knowing how to take screenshots is extremely useful since in this way we can share any kind of thing that appears on the screen, be it an error, a conversation or an image that we do not know or cannot download from a social network.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Pocket

As in most mobile devices, especially Samsung To take a screenshot you have to press a few keys at the same time, then we will tell you well how you should do it.

In order to take a screenshot of what happens on our mobile, it is necessary that you press the power button with the Home button until you see a kind of “flash” on the screen and in this way, then you can find the capture in question in the gallery, a new folder is created called Screenshot from which you will be able to manage all the captures taken with the mobile.

Where can you take screenshots?

You can do them wherever you want, whether you are using a specific application or even playing a game, chatting through WhatsApp or with a social network like Facebook and Instagram. In a few words, you capture everything you are doing on your mobile, whatever it is.

In case it doesn’t work

If by some horrible chance in life the steps mentioned above did not work for you, what we are going to recommend is that you use an application called “Screenshot” With which we will be able to configure a combination of mobile keys to be able to do captures or even use the same application without using physical keys.

In short, methods to be able to take screenshots either with the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, the Pocket Neo, or the Pocket Plus. Whatever your mobile phone is, generally in Samsung, the issue of taking a screenshot is always the same.