Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Problems and Solutions of the Samsung J2 PrimeThe Samsung brand increasingly manages to launch more mobile phones, …

The Samsung brand increasingly manages to launch more mobile phones, many of which are based on versions that already exist , for which every year they seek to improve a phone that has already been launched, this is the great success they have had in the market by releasing new versions this is the solution for the Samsung J2 Prime.

Common problems Samsung J2 prime

At this time we will talk a little about a new mobile which was launched by Samsung and is that the Galaxy J2 Prime, is one of the best sellers that is why it has decided to launch the version of Samsung J2 Prime

Samsung J2 Prime failures

From just like all devices in this world not all can be perfect, with them come some factory problems so many users have been complaining and trying to solve the failures that this mobile entails. So below we will tell you some common problems that users have been having with the Samsung J2 Prime with your solutions.

My Samsung J2 Prime takes dark photos from apps

It is something very normal and that we do almost daily share a photo on WhatsApp or Facebook, being an image taken from the application, but the real problem is that when trying to take the picture and send it, it comes out very dark, either taken with the front camera or the main camera (rear), being that when taking them directly from the device’s camera without any application or filter of by means of these they are of total and good resolution.

Samsung J2 Prime problems

East Camera resolution problem has been a mobile software problem since it has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, This is not a Smartphone with resources for which you want to have an Android 5.1 Lollipop, which we should expect to launch its update and correct the problem caused with the camera and applications when taking a photo, the only solution that remains. at the moment it is to directly use the camera of the Samsung J2 Prime.

Internal memory space Samsung J2 Prime

Because our Samsung J2 Prime has A memory of 8 GB of internal space, it is very limited if we take a look at it comes with an Android system that consumes 4.5 GB of memory, we only have 3.5 GB left to save games, applications, so it is advisable to install a memory card to have a storage configured, a matter of which the files of WhatsApp can be stored in that memory, just like camera files.

Samsung J2 Prime takes blurry photos

It is a problem that has not only been seen in the Samsung J2 Prime, if not in many Samsung, but it is nothing more than an oversight of the users because these phones always come with a protector very similar to the one on the screen, this is so that the screen is not scratched. camera, we must remove it with great care for this it is advisable to use a needle.

Unable to watch videos on Samsung J2 Prime in 360 degrees

Since the Samsung J2 Prime It is a low-end Smartphone, it is impossible to view 360º videos because this model does not have a gyroscope sensor, which makes Samsung compatible with many videos.

Samsung J2 Prime Wifi Problems

As we have said Previously Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it comes with bugs, One of them is Wifi connection problems which happens to many users who are deactivated on their own, which is very rare but can be solved in the following way, first activating the airplane mode for a minute then connect it to the Wifi with the flight mode active and the most practical is to restart the device, so if you have problems with your Samsung J2 Prime you already know how to solve them.