Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Indispensable Applications for your Samsung J2 Prime You can't miss it! By now we know very well that one of ...

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Indispensable Applications for your Samsung J2 Prime You can’t miss it! By now we know very well that one of …

By now we know very well that one of the best lines it has Samsung is the J, because although it is low / medium range we have to take into account that, for example, with the new versions Prime that came out, the mobiles practically became medium / high. The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime It is really a mobile with a lot of potential which undoubtedly has a lot to offer and we want to help you make the most of it by recommending a few applications that you should not miss for anything in the world.

Applications that you have to have in your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Instagram: Obviously it has to be there, because maybe you don’t like the topic of the social networks Or maybe yes, the point is that this app also has the possibility of applying a series of filters to the photographs that makes them look much better.

Facebook Lite: Surely you have the common Facebook of a lifetime, the issue is that we have to take into account that the J2 prime has little storage space and in turn, being low-end, it does not have too many resources compared to other mid-range devices /high. Therefore, using the application Facebook Lightweight is undoubtedly a great success, more than anything because in addition to the fact that the common Facebook requires many resources, it also consumes too much space over time.

Cloud storage: Because we have little space so we will need a little extra space to be able to store our photos, videos, files, etc. The most recommended is use cloud storage Because whatever happens with the mobile, our data will always be safe and we will have access to them from anywhere. You can choose the app you want, they are all VERY reliable both Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

Greenify: With this application what you can do is keep battery consumption at bayIn this way, you will be able to keep good control of it and also make it last much longer with all the options you have to control the applications that spend the most without sacrificing anything. The only problem with this application is that it is available only to those who have root on your mobile.

WhatsApp or Telegram: Obviously to always maintain good communication with our loved ones it is essential to have instant messaging applications, especially now that we can not only send text messages but make calls or video calls, which undoubtedly saves us a lot of money. Either of the two applications mentioned above becomes essential.