hacer una captura de pantalla en el Samsung Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Grand Prime Samsung devices are very similar to each other, in fact, the …

The devices Samsung They are very similar to each other, in fact, most of the time the way we carry out a process in the devices of this brand works the same. For example, take a screenshot on the Samsung Grand Prime It is done the same as in any other Samsung mobile, however, in this model there are several ways to do it and here we will tell you how.

On some Samsung models you can take screenshots with a simple key combination, but on the other hand there are models where they can be taken simply by sliding your hand across the mobile screen. Screenshots are usually stored in a Gallery folder called ScreenshootIn addition, they can be shared through Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail by simply opening the notification bar.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Grand Prime

One of the ways you can take a screenshot on the Samsung Grand Prime is by pressing the buttons at the same time Power and Home. If you press one button and then the other will not work, it is necessary press both buttons simultaneously.

However, there are versions of Android where there are many problems that do not allow taking screenshots, especially in older versions. But don’t worry, since Google play we can take them with the help of an application, which also It has an editor that allows you to modify and crop the screenshots taken before saving them.

It is very easy to use, the best thing is that It is possible to configure the application to take the captures with the buttons that we want, either with the Power, Home or Volume buttons.

Download application to take Screenshots

The application that is used in the case that your version of Android does not allow captures is Screenshot, this application is completely free and is available in Google play, so if you want to download it there are no problems, here we will explain how:

  1. The first thing you should do is open the application Google play. This application can be located in the application directory of Android.
  2. Now you must search Screenshot in Google Play, typing the name in the search bar. If you can’t get the app, you can use this link direct.
  3. When you have found the application, you must click on it to enter the details of the game and then you must click on the button Install.
  4. In this new screen, a window will appear where it indicates all the information necessary to access the application, so you must press where it says To accept.
  5. Now, the application should start to download, you must wait for the download to finish and install automatically.
  6. When the installation is finished, take all the screenshots you want with Screenshot on your device Android.

This is all you need to know to take a screenshot on the Samsung Grand PrimeIf you have any problems, you can leave us a comment and we will help you.