Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime BECAUSE MY SAMSUNG J2 PRIME TAKES DARK PHOTOS AND VIDEOS The Samsung cell phone models have some simple problems …

The Samsung cell phone models usually have simple adjustment problems, the main problem of the Samsung J2 Prime takes the dark photos or blurred, which also happens when it comes to videos, which is why many users complain about the Samsung J2 Prime, that it is not a good cell phone model, because it has a poor quality camera, so we are going to find out for sure why samsung j2 prime takes dark photos and videos.

Samsung j2 prime camera takes dark photos and videos

That he samsung j2 prime takes dark photos and videos , it is not normal in this model, because the Samsung J2 Prime has two very good quality cameras, In the main one you can find an 8 MP camera model, on the other side in the secondary or front it is 5 megapixels , which is not very little, but considering that most users have a problem with the front camera when wanting to take a selfie or selfie, they come out dark or blurry.

Dark video calling on Samsung J2 Prime

This It is something strange because we already know that the Samsung J2 prime takes dark photos, But if we take into account that with the Samsung camera the photos have a good quality, that is, they do not come out pixelated, but what happens when we want to send a photo taken from the WhatsApp camera, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger or any network application social, these appear taken of poor quality which also happens with videos or video calls of WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, among other social networks.

Samsung J2 Prime camera problems

This may be more of a camera problem than Samsung J2 Prime takes the dark photos or the videos, we think that it is more than a simple camera adjustment problem, for us it is a software or compatibility problem, since if the camera application is original from the Samsung J2 Prime it should work correctly , which would not affect its use in the installed applications, the most recommended and practical thing would be in this case to update the operating system of our Samsung J2 Prime , in order to correct this problem as quickly as possible, since it is very uncomfortable, the quality is very bad being that with the Samsung camera the photos come out much sharper and of better quality.

In these cases we recommend that when taking a photo or selfie, you do it directly from the cell phone application, until this problem is solved, it is the only way to take photos of the best quality and resolution so far.