Samsung Galaxy Deactivating TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy: Three Infallible MethodsTouchWiz is a new tool that comes integrated into phones ...

Samsung Galaxy Deactivating TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy: Three Infallible MethodsTouchWiz is a new tool that comes integrated into phones …

TouchWiz is a new tool that is integrated into phones Samsung galaxy. It is an intelligent tool that allows you to better use the phones and tablets of Samsung, so that it is possible to improve the use and functions of the device. However, it is a bit complicated for some users to use this tool, while others simply have no interest in using it, that is why here we will teach you how to disable TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy.

How to disable TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy?

This process is really simple, basically what you have to do is factory restore the device without accepting any update during the process, then delete the data and cache memory of the applications that are pre-installed with the help of the application manager and install Google Now Launcher. But do not worry, we will explain this to you in a more calm way in a few steps.

But nevertheless, this is not the only option, there are also two more options, either for users who have a little trouble understanding the functionalities available on their mobiles, or, for more expert users who have no problems with root the mobile.

Steps to disable TouchWiz

When factory resetting the device, it will not remove the TouchWiz but it will disable itTo do so you must follow the following steps:

1.- Go to the menu Settings -> Backup -> Factory reset device. It is recommended before doing this to make a backup copy, since after this process your mobile will be as new and there will be no file in it.

2.- When the device has been reset and restarted, a message will appear. Software Update, where you can accept updates from Samsung, but you must deactivate this option before the installation of updates starts on the device.

Get rid of TouchWiz with Google Now Launcher

Well, if the above method does not work for you, you have another option on the table, it is a Launcher that allows you to customize the home screen of your device and thus get rid of TouchWiz. In this case, you could try downloading Google Now Launcher. For this, you just have to enter this link which will take you directly to the Play Store and you can download it.

Completely remove TouchWiz as a root user

The options presented above are very minimally invasive, as well as easy and quick to do, but there is a third option that is more complex but that will allow you disable TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy completely, thus installing a completely new ROM. For this it is necessary root your Samsung device and have access to all the benefits, like removing TouchWiz entirely.

As you will see, you have at your disposal three Methods to disable TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy, so if you are not interested in this tool at all, you do not know how to use it or it just seems annoying, you can get rid of it completely.