Samsung Galaxy A Restart the Samsung Galaxy A3 Frozen Steps to Follow. The biggest problem in this model we will say that, frequently …

The biggest problem in this model we will say that, Frequently in these cell phones with a battery which cannot be removed, in that case this Samsung Galaxy A3 model, in all versions this with the battery inside the case is unattainable to be able to restart it, that way, When the phone is in a state in which it is impossible, it freezes or just hangs, it becomes a problem to know how to get out of it without removing the battery for this we will explain how to do it quickly.

How to reset the Samsung A3 Hung up

Samsung Galaxy A3 frozen

Before going to the solution of the problem we are going to give ourselves a minute toExplain some causes of why our phone can end this way, however, although there are several, we are going to comment on some of the most popular among users. It is totally horrendous, the cell phone remains as dead, or with the black screen, darkened, without reproducing sounds without ringtones, nothing totally useless.

Samsung A3 Locked

Basically there are several causes as we said before by the software since this is the main responsible, the Galaxy A3 was released with android 4.4.4, and updated to android 6.0.1 marshmallow, this time the version because it is so new causes serious problems that end up making us suffer, with the wrath of “lag“However, it is easy to know that this is also due to the limited resources that this phone has and that unfortunately this software is not optimized for phones with fair resources, well said that processor and ram fall short, Before this version, it is good to have an optimizer that helps to combat the issue of lensing, in google play there are several.

The memory for this Samsung Galaxy A3 is a bit generous but limited for certain basic functions of android 6.0 of 1.5GB Ram so it is evident that it is not enough against games with high demands.

Samsung A3 Black screen

As for this version and its limited Ram, we can say that if we use games and other applications, the phone is going to be halfway, however we do not have to feel bad, there is always a solution, let’s restart and uninstall some applications to that our phone goes a little better.

Before performing this method it is important that you know that you have to have the phone charged to a high percentage, however you can try it if you are in a hurry.

You can always press the home key with the power key for at least 30 or 40 seconds this will cause the phone to turn off quickly and turn on but do not let go, leave it there for a while until it restarts and everything is fine, you have reset your phone And ready you can enjoy your Samsung Galaxy A3 again, we hope this little guide will help you.