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Samsung Deepfake AI needs only one photo of you to make a …

Samsung’s latest AI tech is so cool it’s spooky!

Samsung engineers in Moscow have developed a new artificial intelligence technique that can transform an image of you into an animoji video with facial expressions, except it wouldn’t be exactly your video, it would be your image turned into a video. Get it?

Essentially, deepfake uses AI technology to transform a person’s face (sometimes someone else’s body) from an image, matching all facial expressions, making it difficult to tell if it is a real video of a person or not. . However, deepfake generally requires large sets of image data to create a realistic fake. And this is where Samsung’s new AI technology comes in.

Samsung AI technology creating videos from a single photo. Image: Samsung

What is different about Samsung’s artificial intelligence technology?

Contrary to existing technology, Samsung’s artificial intelligence system does not use 3D modeling and can generate a fake clip by feeding it with just one photo. With more photos, the videos can appear more realistic, but even a single photo can do the trick.

Samsung researchers say their model is based on a large database of videos of talking heads, which correspond to different speakers with different appearances. From these videos, the technology extracts Face Marks (contours of the face) which can then be applied to the target face. And by combining the facial landmarks of the source face with the available images, the system can create realistic-looking face models.

A video accompanying the researcher role It shows how the technique can even be applied to paintings. Seeing the Mona Lisa, a work that exists solely as a single still image, come to life is quite fascinating and fun. But it is easy to see that the video is not real as sometimes the final video usually has some remnants of the source file.

Possible Applications of Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence Technology?

According to the researchers who have worked on the project, this technology can be used for a large number of applications, including video games, movies and TV. It can also be used for applications including telepresence, such as video conferencing and multiplayer games, as well as in the special effects industry.

But isn’t deep AI risky?

While the technology has its own fun, and sometimes very practical applications (such as using it for a conference call), it has acquired notorious status because in many cases it is used to transform the faces of celebrities, famous personalities into the bodies of others. , in front of porn movie actors, and for creating false controversial content.

Deepfake software is freely available and creates compellingly realistic videos.

There are tons of explicit videos online, where celebrity faces have been grafted onto someone else’s. All of these videos, of course, have been submitted by anonymous “creators”. There is one such fake video of Scarlett Johansson, which was described as a true “leaked” recording, which was viewed on a major porn site more than 1.5 million times. Such videos, by the way, have also been seen on PornHub that claimed to ban the fake made by AI Porn in February 2018.

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