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Safari 3.0 can damage some applications

There are numerous entries in the Apple support forum that report various problems after the installation of the beta version of Safari. A few hours after the launch of Safari 3.0, a user, identified as “Max” indicated: “I downloaded it, and the installer crashed while I was installing it. Now I have lost the old version of Safari and the installer no longer works.

Others have made similar comments: “I have the same problem,” Senne says. “The installer has crashed and now I cannot run Cocoa applications; iTunes, Coda, Adium … none of them work ”. Others also indicate that the same thing happens to them. Cocoa is Apple’s object-oriented development platform.

Some users have been more succinct: “Safari noooo,” says a PowerBook user by the name of “viatorglu.” “This is a SERIOUS problem!” indicates Ron Manke.

Throughout the 85 posts of the thread, and some other related threads found in the Safari 3 public beta forum, users come up with some possible solutions, tested, discarded, etc.

A common feature is that the Safari installer hangs during the installation process, or that the user has had to apply the Force Quit command once the installer appears to hang. In all cases, the WebKit framework files have been corrupted by the failed installation. WebKit is the open source application framework used in Safari, the Mail client, the Adium instant messaging program, and other web-oriented programs. Some users have been able to recover their computers after extracting the necessary files from a previous system update.

“The installer creates a file in the following directory: / Library / Application Support / Apple / .SafariBetaArchive.tar.gz”, indicates a user under the name “boxhead”. “You just have to unzip said file and you will find the missing framewors that you can move to the location where they should be.”

Since last Monday, users have posted more than 1,500 forum posts about the Mac edition of Safari 3.0.