Root How to root an AMGOO AM505 without a PCWhen we analyze which are the main manufacturers of Android mobile devices, ...

Root How to root an AMGOO AM505 without a PCWhen we analyze which are the main manufacturers of Android mobile devices, …

When we analyze which are the main manufacturers of Android mobile devices, we can quickly come to the conclusion that there are some of them that stand out above the others, in the specific cases of firms, among which are the Korean Samsung or the Chinese Huawei. However, outside of them we can find other many really interesting companies in the same sense, such as AMGOO, which today we want to talk specifically about.

In effect, the idea is to stop for a moment in one of the best options that we can find within the AMGOO catalog, such as the mobile device called AMGOO AM505, which has been specially developed for the mid-range, launched a few years ago. About this AMGOO AM505 we have to highlight that it has features such as a 1.2 GHz MTK6572M processor, along with 512 RAM, a 3.5-inch HVGA 320 x 480 touch screen and a 4.2 operating system (KitKat).

Well, in this article specifically what we want to teach all of our followers, what are the secrets behind the possibility of rooting the AMGOO AM505, considering that it is one of the most sought after tutorials in recent times. Rooting the AMGOO AM505 will allow you to access functions that are otherwise inaccessible on this device. The AMGOO AM505 can be rooted even without using a computer, so we are going to show you the details about it.

Root AMGOO AM505

Well, before starting with the step by step to root the AMGOO AM505, you have to take into consideration in the first instance that it is a process that should not cause data loss, although if it did, it is always better to have one backup saved in terminal. Then, you should know that this step by step voids the AMGOO AM505 warranty, although few of them still keep it. And before starting, yes, you should check that your AMGOO AM505 has at least 50% battery available.

With all antivirus and antimalware disabled, the next thing to do is activate Unknown Sources from Settings, Security, since otherwise you will not be able to run any of the APKs we need. Once the previous step is finished, the following will be directly then go to this link, which is where you will find the TowelRoot APK. When you are on the site, you will find a message saying that the file could damage the device, although of course you will have to ignore it completely.

Once the file in question has been downloaded, the next step will be to proceed with the installation. Another warning message will appear that you have to ignore again. Once the app is finally installed you have to run it, which won’t take too long, just a couple of seconds. To do this, you must press on the Make it ra1n button, and you will see that soon the Root procedure will start on the device. It will take a couple of minutes, and then the device will reboot automatically.

Once you have finished with all the steps that we have just described you will find that you have already done absolutely every step that this tutorial requires. For the rest, you should understand that there are some simple ways to verify the success of the procedure. It is neither more nor less than downloading an application that has been specially developed for this, such as Root Checker. Root Checker works in a fast and simple way and you can download it from this link.

Have you been able to root your AMGOO AM505 with this step by step?