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Random Games The best tricks to empty slot machines We all know and have been entertained with slot machines or …

We all know and have entertained ourselves with slot machines or slot machines, and the truth is that we can find one of the most famous hall games of all time when we think about them, so at some point you will have had contact with them. themselves. From this it is that in this article we want to teach some of the tricks that our readers have been asking us the most, specifically around what are the tutorials to empty slot machines.

In this sense we have to emphasize that when it comes to slot machines or slot machines, we have the possibility of emptying them quickly and easily, without too many turns, based on a series of tricks that you will see below and that many users have already given results. Of course, you have to know that these tricks for slot machines do not mean that you are necessarily going to get all their coins removed, but you will have many more chances than usual.

Tricks to empty slot machines

Well, the first of the tricks related to slot machines you may know because it is one of the most famous that exist in these cases, to the extent that first of all we will have to have a sparkler, the key to this tutorial . It is basically a matter of having a lighter with a lamp that we have to open from the bottom of the button, pushing or pressing then to be able to remove the sparkler, so it won’t take too long, as you can see.

Once you have done the above, then you have to enter some coins in the machine to leave it with some credits, at least five, and then give it to collect, at which point we have to make the spark on the four sides of the machine. You will see that if everything happens as it should, the machine will soon begin to empty, although there are some issues to take into account. For example, if nothing happens you should try again, while if the machine breaks down, you better get out of there.

In the second instance, we did not want to dismiss a second trick related directly to the TV remote, which also works very well and is somewhat simpler than the previous one. The thing with this tutorial is that sometimes it might not work right away, so you’ll have to be patient. When we are near the machine with our TV remote control, we have to press the DVD button, and it is possible that the machine makes some contact, so you could bet this way to take away all his coins.

Assuming that the procedure does not work in this first instance, in the same way we can later recommend other alternatives, such as in slot machines in the same way as with pinball machines, that is, with the DVD button for the TV remote control. Once you make contact with the machine, all they have to do is enter the number of credits, although always carefully that none of the people in charge of the room are going to see you in these cases.

For the rest, you have to know that beyond these tricks, there are no applications that work to empty the slot machines, so even if you see that some of them are offered on the web, it is better that you dispense with them because they could only bring you all kinds of problems. Beyond that, we leave you below a video in which you can find you a lot of interesting information about it, although you can always also leave us the comments you have about it in these cases.

Have you been able to empty the slot machines or slot machines with these tricks?