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Quark supports the new PANTONE Goe System for color specification

Quark Inc. has announced that it will support the new PANTONE Goe System, a system with an entirely new color specification, for the graphic art industry. Announced by Pantone, the PANTONE Goe System offers graphic designers, printers, publishers, packers and pre-press vendors advanced color accuracy for more than 2,000 new PANTONE colors.

“For more than 45 years, Pantone has been at the forefront of color for graphic arts, and the introduction of the PANTONE Goe System represents a major milestone. Like Pantone, Quark is dedicated to driving innovation in the industry, and we are proud to make the new color system available, accessible through QuarkXPress 7, ”said Jurgen Kurz, Vice President of Products for Quark.“ Quark customers will appreciate not only the hundreds of new colors available, but also the accuracy advanced color rendering, from creation to realization “.

Designed to offer advanced color options, along with improved collaboration and versatility for designers, in today’s increasingly multimedia environment, the PANTONE Goe System will be available for download by QuarkXpress 7 users from the Quark Resource Center. . Once downloaded, the new color system will appear as a color library option in the QuarkXPress 7 color palette.