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Quark publishes a free book on using QuarkXPress 7 with Adobe Creative Suite 3

Quark today announced the creation of a book that explains how QuarkXPress 7 can be integrated with Adobe Creative Suite 3 to take full advantage of both design tools. Written by experienced Quark staff, this book details how to work with QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash to get the most out of your design software.

In the words of Quark, QuarkXPress 7 now integrates better than ever with Photoshop and Illustrator. Compatible with SWF, XHTML, and CSS, QuarkXPress can now be used for editing on standalone media and in Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver. The book details how QuarkXPress works with Creative Suite and the best practices to follow when using these applications.

“QuarkXPress has achieved its best integration with Adobe Creative Suite, and this free book explains how all applications can be leveraged to improve design work. QuarkXPress 7 now offers more creative possibilities in a single application, ”says Marc Horne, Quark expert and consultant. “We also considered the benefits of some of the unique features of QuarkXPress 7 such as Quark Composition Zones, Job Jackets, and Flash (SWF) output. We’ve also done some direct comparisons with Adobe InDesign. “

Web: www.lovequarkxpress7.com/tellus.aspx