Apple launches the new Mac Pro

Punch Introduces ViaCAD 2D / 3D for Mac OS X

ViaCAD 2D / 3D is a general 2-D and 3-D design application that offers the ability to create and modify NURB surfaces, model solid objects, and edit curves. Allows you to automatically draw, annotate, and generate 2-D drawings from 3-D models. The software also includes a library with 26,000 symbols.

ViaCAD 2D / 3D uses Spatial’s CIS modeling kernel, and includes more than 300 design tools such as NURBS-based associative modeling with skins, meshes, roofs, solid modeling, constant and variable radius mixing, as well as other tools that allow apply Boolean operations, mass properties, etc. ViaCAD also offers data exchange support with SketchUp, AutoCAD 2007 DXF / DWG files, Illustrator, and other formats.

The system requirements are a G3 or higher (including computers based on Intel processors), Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and 2 GB of hard disk space (to install additional materials).