Maria Montero

PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile: The Chicken Dinners …

Editor’s Note: This piece will be republished in light of the stable version of Call of Duty: Mobile being announced worldwide today.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG: mobile In short it is a revolution in the world of mobile gaming in India. Never before had a game title been reveled in such glory in the country and it was certainly not a mobile game. It can be said that Tencent, the publisher of PUBG Mobile, has cracked the formula for a successful title in the country where eSports hadn’t been of particular importance.

While on your PC avatar, PUBG It hasn’t received much attention in the country due to relatively high hardware requirements, but on mobile devices, the game has come to life. In a span of a year, we are seeing YouTubers with channels dedicated to PUBG Mobile, massive tournaments, and more. Just when it seemed like the popularity of PUBG would keep shooting, out of nowhere, Activision drops a bomb with the Call of Duty: Mobile game that brings the world-renowned franchise on the mobile platform.

Just to be clear Call of Duty It has been around on mobile phones before, but the extent of the game has been mostly limited to single player. With the new Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision wants to induce a full console multiplayer experience on Android / iOS. So far Activision has not announced any official release date for Call of Duty: Mobile, but the closed beta has been around for some time. I have to give it a try and here are my thoughts on it compared to PUBG: mobile.

Game modes

The main reason someone would want to play Call of Duty (hence it will be named as COD for the rest of this piece) are the various multiplayer modes it offers. The popular ones that have been used, and the ones that are sure to be enjoyed the most, happen to be Deathmatch, Free-for-all, Domination, Frontline, and Search and Destroy. The action is super fast, with no time to breathe, as in each mode you get infinite respawns as you and your team try to reach the score cap first. On top of that, if you want to increase your rank and show off to your friends, a separate Ranking mode is also present where you can play all the game modes mentioned above, with the only difference being that you are paired with players who are in A similar range.

In terms of game modes, players will have five classics to choose from, which they can play in Casual Matches, Ranked Matches, and Private Matches.  Image: Activision

In terms of game modes, players will have five classics to choose from, which they can play in Casual Matches, Ranked Matches, and Private Matches. Image: Activision

Compared, PUBG Mobile It also has multiple modes, but none of them have the adrenaline pumping experience like COD. The closest thing to quick action is in War Mode, and even that forces you to annoyingly jump out of the plane every time you die. While the main classic Battle Royale mode is definitely, PUBG Mobile’s biggest attraction, it can take a bit of a time and there are also limited things you can do. The Battle Royale in COD, on the other hand, is basically COD Blackout brought to the mobile platform. There are custom classes, helicopter rides, high score buffs, a smaller map, zombies, a giant hound, more places to attack the enemy, and more. It’s a matter of preference, but I would really rate the Battle Royale on COD like a notch higher than PUBG. On a related side note, Team Deathmatch is coming to PUBG Mobile soon, as will Zombies mode in COD.

How to play

Herein lies a big difference between the two games. While they are both shooters with the option to choose FPP (first person perspective) or TPP (third person perspective), the damage, bullet travel, recoil, and shooting style are different. Let’s talk about what happens first before entering the game (non-battle royale mode). You can create a class before joining any game where you can customize your loadout before entering. PUBG you have no choice for this, although arguably the game has always been based on the traditional “hunt for your supplies” type of game.

Within the game, the button layouts for movement, shooting, aiming, and more remain the same. However, while PUBG it only offers a method to shoot, Call of Duty has two. There is one, which can be used for beginners in which the weapon fires automatically when the cross is on an enemy player. The other mode points down and fires automatically when you press the shutter button. In both modes, there is a separate fire key if you want to manually fire in bursts to increase accuracy. This versatility in shooting is one of the main reasons I got hooked on the game.

Let’s also talk about bullet dynamics and damage. In PUBG Mobile, there seems to be no bullet drop at almost any distance. It could fire with a UMP 9 (a low-power SMG) and it could instantly hit someone 400 meters away. That is not the case in COD. While other modes like Deathmatch, Free-for-all, and more don’t have a lot of area for long-range shooting, the dynamics of bullets becomes apparent in Battle Royale mode, where if you don’t have a sniper rifle it’s almost impossible to hit enemies at long distances

PUBG poster of Miramar, a map of the game.  Image: Sony

PUBG poster of Miramar, a map of the game. Image: Sony

You will have to take into account the bullet drop also in COD, which is not the case in PUBG. Enemy marker marks do not appear until the enemy is very close to you, which in my opinion makes the game more competitive, as you will have to be on high alert for your environment. Even while shooting from the hip, in PUBG however you can get a lot of shots from the enemy at close range COD Unless you have a compensator attached to your weapon, good luck killing opponents while shooting from the hip. Aiming down is the sure way to take down enemy players.