Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Cheats For DraStic It's hard not to feel nostalgic when we talk about big ...

Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Cheats For DraStic It’s hard not to feel nostalgic when we talk about big …

It is difficult not to feel nostalgic when we talk about great video game titles, and more so when they were titles that we played in our early ages or when we started in the world of video games, today we will talk about a title from the Nintendo company It is about the “Pokemon Platinum” (In Spanish) and more than talking about this title of which we do not need to make a description about it, since if you are reading this it is because you know what we are talking about. We will talk about Platinum Pokemon Cheats which we can use to make the game a little more interesting than it already is, simply to have fun playing it without having to go through so much stress that we went through at some point in the past.

Although we will be talking about Pokemon Platinum Cheats You must keep in mind that this brief writing, although we will talk about the game and the Cheats so to speak, but using the game from Android. Yes it is, playing Pokemon Platinum on our phone or Tablet, and it is that with the passing of time all those games that were previously exclusive to the console have managed to reach our hands, but in a different way, since today there are thousands of Emulators either developed by good programming companies or by advanced users. So you must take this into account and therefore we will leave a minimum list of steps that you must complete in order to use the cheats.

DraStic Platinum Pokemon Codes

First of all, we must take into account what we need to be able to have Pokemon Patino on our Smartphone:

1.- Of course, what you cannot miss is our Smartphone with a minimum Android version 2.3.6.

2.- Have iInstalled on our device an emulator called DraStic which is one of the best emulators for Nintendo DS for Android devices.

3.- Download the ROM of “Pokemon Platinum” and have it saved in our device.

Although this article focuses primarily on Pokemon Platinum Cheats keep reading because you must understand how the emulator is installed and how we can get it. First of all, you should keep in mind that the emulator can be searched for and downloaded from wherever you prefer, but here we will leave you a link below so that you can easily reach it. We must have on our Smartphone, in the settings section in the security section, the option of unknown sources activated and it is reached as follows “Settings> Security> Unknown sources” After we have activated this option, we proceed to download the emulator and by using the file explorer on our phone or one such as “ES File Explorer” locate the download folder and begin the installation.

Cheats Pokemon Platinum Android

Once the emulator is installed and the game ROM downloaded, we proceed to open the emulator and inside it, in the section at the top, click it and proceed to Load the ROM which should be in the downloads folder in general, but look for it on your device in the section that you have saved.

Now pay attention and keep reading so you can activate Pokemon Platinum Cheats you just have to follow this short list to the letter.

1.- At the bottom click to open the DraStic menu

2.- Right next to the button “Reset Game” you will find another button with binary numbers “11001” without touching any other option before, you must press it. There you will see a list of several Cheats that you can activate.

From here we recommend that you try them all, some are very fun and make things easier for us. Here below we leave you the download section where you can find what you need to carry out this little experiment.



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