Pokémon GO Where and How to Find Pokémon in Chile Pokémon Go is now available in several Latin American countries, ...

Pok√©mon GO Where and How to Find Pok√©mon in Chile Pok√©mon Go is now available in several Latin American countries, …

Pokemon go It is already available in several Latin American countries, including Chile, and millions of users have already downloaded this game to join the great network of the virtual world of Pokémon. There is no doubt that, since the official launch of the game, Pokemon go has caused a lot of fury, especially in Chile within hours of being officially launched in the Play Store. However, many players are looking for tips to find Pokémon in a faster way, and here are some tips from where to find Pokémon in Chile.

Here you can find very valuable information to be able to get Pok√©mon more quickly and thus complete your Pokedex. It is for this reason that it is advisable to play Pokemon go in places where there are many people, for example, near a park or shopping centers. Some players of Pokemon go assure that in cemeteries can be found some Legendary Pok√©monsSo, if these kinds of places don’t bother you, you could try it.

Where to get Legendary Pokémons

As many must already think, Legendary Pokémons They are the most sought-after class of pokémon in the game, since they have much more power than the rest of the species. It is for this reason that they are in very difficult places to access, and many will wonder where these places are. As well, some of the places can be found within Santiago de Chile and not necessarily in a cemetery.

Among the places you can search are:

  • Cerro Santa Lucia.
  • Cerro San Crist√≥bal.
  • Snowy valley.
  • El Yeso reservoir.
  • Farellones.

These are some of the areas where you could find some good kinds of pok√©mon to catch. But remember that you should have a few pokeballs on hand, and, in case you don’t have some Here is a guide to get pokeballs in a simple way.

Where to find Pokémons in Chile

Another option that you can take into account if you are looking where to find Pokémon in Chile is to visit some soccer stadiums, since it is certain that in these areas you will be able to find a great variety of these creatures. Too Pokémon can be found in the different shopping centers of the country with very good skills, according to some players who come to frequent these areas daily in order to complete their pokedex. In addition, you can also find many poke stops in these places.

The most downloaded game on the Play Store

If you are not yet part of the world of Pokemon go, you can easily download it to your mobile with Android, since it is available completely free of charge in the Google Play Store. Sure before You must verify that your mobile meets the minimum installation requirements, since otherwise you will receive a message indicating that your mobile is not compatible. Basically your mobile needs a camera, gyroscope and accelerometer to properly play Pokémon Go.

Now that you know some places in where to find Pokémon in ChileWhat are you waiting for to complete your Pokedex? Go out now and catch the rarest and most powerful Pokemon of all.