Pokemon GO What to do if Pokemon Go does not detect my location Although it is true that many would prefer Uncharted 4 or one of ...

Pokemon GO What to do if Pokemon Go does not detect my location Although it is true that many would prefer Uncharted 4 or one of …

Although it is true that many would prefer Uncharted 4 or one of the many others that were released in recent months, personally I have no doubt that when we think about the best video game of 2016, we have to specifically stop at Pokemon Go. The truth is that Pokemon Go is the first massive video game that takes advantage of the benefits of augmented reality, and with that we have enough to put it above others.

In any case, we know that there are a lot of good games out there right now, but none as different from the rest as Pokemon Go, so we wanted to show you some issues that we thought were important for you to keep in mind regarding using Pokemon Go. For example, some of our readers have been telling us about some problems suffered in relation to the use of the application, specifically because Pokemon Go was not able to detect its location, and if you have played it, you know that the game is almost useless in those cases.


Pokemon Go does not detect very GPS location

Well, Pokemon Go like any other game that makes use of one of the main sensors that are incorporated into our smartphone, such as location sensors, has the problem that when this system does not work, the title is almost completely useless. In this sense, the message “The location could not be detected in Pokemon Go” has appeared to many., and the truth is that it is really annoying if we want to have fun for a while taking advantage of this game that is really spectacular.

The truth is that when we have talked about the different requirements that we consider indispensable for the operation of Pokemon Go, we have referred for example to everything that has to do with Internet connections, which are much better WiFi type. The problem is that if we want to capture all possible creatures, we may go to areas where WiFi connections are not available., and at that time it is better that we have a very good 4G coverage.

If you are sure that you have met this first requirement, you have to know that there are some solutions to the message that we have taught previously, such as reviewing all the software elements that make up the device, to see if we can play once and for all . For example, From Settings, Location, Location method, you will find the possibility to choose between different connectivity options, such as GPS. WiFi and mobile networks, to have the exact location of our terminal.

Unfortunately, in a few cases it is possible that not even doing everything that we have mentioned before, the connection or location problems have been solved, and in these situations, what we recommend is that you continue reading, that there are some possible alternatives. What happens is that sometimes, there are so many obstacles between the device and the signals in the air, that our position simply cannot be detected by GPS, and that is when we have to look for alternatives.

Finally, if you want some tips to help you improve how the mobile captures your GPS location, you have to know that as far as possible you should use a WiFi type connection. In addition to that, if you can you have to enter Google Maps so that the mobile focuses on establishing a place where you are. If this does not work, you should restart the device so that it tries to locate you again. Finally, if none of this has solved the problems, we recommend that you move directly to the site where you are.

Have you been able to record your Pokemon Go GPS location with this step by step?