Pokemon GO Pokemon Go on Mac? It’s Possible and We Teach You How to Do It We continue with Pok√©mon Go because at the end of the day, it still continues …

We continue with Pokémon Go because at the end of the day, it is still one of the most downloaded and played games in the world, it came to revolutionize the market and we all want to have one that is a free hour per day to be able to go out and hunt them all.


The point is that, out there some people, including myself, do not have much time to spend all day from one place to another simply trying to catch Pokémon, but we do not have to worry about this since there are certain traps that allow us you can play Pokémon Go from a computer, in this case from a Mac.

It is not difficult to achieve it although obviously you have to be aware before doing anything that has its dangers, one of these it’s the fact that you can get banned from Niantic and we forget about that account, so as we always do, we recommend that to use this method, which is basically simulating our location, you use a secondary account, more than anything so that you do not lose the progress you have in the account you currently use each time. that you go hunting in the street.

The video that we are going to leave you below lasts around 11 minutes, a long time, but we wanted to explain in great detail everything you must do to be able to enjoy Pokémon Go on Mac or even Windows, because it should be noted that this tutorial also works on Windows, the only difference with Mac is that to make it work you need to have the ADB drivers installed, but besides that, nothing else is needed.

How to play Pokémon Go on Mac

It is not too complex as I told you before, the only thing we will need is to have the extension Chrome Vysor Obviously for Google Chrome, after this we connect our mobile device with the USB debugging activated and ready.

Keep in mind that it is not going to be the same, I mean I don’t see you running from one place to another with the computer. The idea is precisely to be able to be at home calmly, perhaps having a coffee while we play this great game, but that is why we recommend using a new account, because in addition to the risk of banning by Niantic, you can completely ruin your experience with this game that was basically created with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhaving to go outside looking for Pok√©mon.

So we recommend you out of curiosity, if you use it, use FakeGPS, the computer and play the game, but if you really want to progress and that all that progress is saved to enjoy the next updates of Pokémon Go that promise a lot, then play in a totally legal way, it is the best you can use.