Pokémon GO How to Install Pokémon Go on Any Android After the game of ...

Pok√©mon GO How to Install Pok√©mon Go on Any Android After the game of …

After being officially launched the game of Pokemon go, many users with devices less than Android 4.4 have been left without being able to play this incredible game. But nevertheless, there are many ways to download and install Pokémon Go on any AndroidIt is even possible to modify the application in order to optimize it and install it and play without any problem thanks to an application called APK Editor.

This is a very effective solution for users where the Play Store displays a message saying that your device is not compatible with Pokémon Go. This can be due to various factors, but it is mainly due to the installed version of Android on the device, or simply the device does not have the necessary sensors to Pokemon go. But it is something obvious, since without the sensors it would be completely impossible to play, since you will only be able to see the backgrounds with the camera, however this does not matter, here we will deal with the issue of how install Pokém, on Go on any Android.

Install Pokémon Go on any Android

What do we need to get started? Well, the first thing is to download the application on your mobile APK Editor. However, it is likely that when we do so and try to use it, a message will appear that indicates This function is not available in the free version, no problem you can download the Pro version in this link.

The next thing we should have on hand is the latest version of pokemon go, so that the application does not ask to update after installing it, since there are several outdated versions.

When you have everything at hand, both the application APK Editor as the APK of Pokemon go, you must modify the application so that it is compatible with your version of Android. Be very careful, you still do not have to install the application, it is necessary to first modify the APK and then install it.

How to modify the APK of Pokémon Go for any Android

1.- First you must open the application APK Editor.

2.- Then select the option Select an APK File.

3.- Now, you must select the APK of Pokémon Go that you downloaded.

4.- When you have selected the APK, it will ask you to choose between 3 options (full edit, replace files and quick edit). You must select Full Edition.

5.- Now, a box with programming codes will automatically be displayed, you must select where it says Manifest.

6.- The next step is change the initial version so that Pokémon Go is compatible with any version of Android. For this, you should look in the code for the line , then press on .

These numbers are what allow the application to be compatible with the versions of Android, that is to say, the initial version of Pok√©mon Go that would be 19 makes it compatible with Android 4.4 onwards until version 23 that corresponds to Android 6.0. What you should do is very simple, replace the values ‚Äč‚Äčwith the Android version you have.

For this it is necessary to know which version is installed on your device and change the Android version to the SDK values.