Pokemon GO How to Get Free Incense in Pokemon Go Incenses in Pokemon Go are one of the most useful tools ...

Pokemon GO How to Get Free Incense in Pokemon Go Incenses in Pokemon Go are one of the most useful tools …

Incense in Pokemon go They are one of the most useful tools when hunting Pokémon. This object allows you to attract them without having to walk for long periods of time, in fact, they will come closer to you even when you are without moving, such as at school, university or at home for example. Here you will learn to get free incense in Pokémon Go and make its duration longer.

Get free incense in Pokémon GO

The only way to get incense in Pokemon go is buying it directly from the game store. But there is a way get free incense in Pokémon GO without spending a single penny. You just owe enter this link and you will have access to one of the best tools you can find to capture Pokemons.

Unlimited incense

Once you have managed to connect your account to the link that I have put in the previous paragraph, you will be able to access all the benefits of this page. This will help you get up to 500 free incenses at your disposal without having to spend your money in the game store.

Once you have generated the incenses these will be charged to your account Pokemon go, but remember that each one has an operating time, so you should use them in the best possible way. One way to optimize the use of this tool is by modifying the time of your cell phone when you use them, in this way, your Smartphone will modify the time and make the use of the incense last much longer without incurring additional costs, resulting in much longer time to capture pokemon.

How to increase the active time of incenses in Pokémon Go

Increase the duration of incenses by Pokemon go It is very simple. You will see how you can do it yourself with these simple steps:

1.- First you must press on the incense within the Pokémon Go game.

2.- Now, you must minimize the game and go to the menu Settings.

3.- In Settings you should look for the option to Date and Time.

4.- Now click on the time to set it, it should not be in automatic mode and turn it back for about 30 minutes.

In this way you can increase the duration of the incenses for 30 more minutes. You know how to get Free incense in Pokémon Go, take advantage of them and use them well since you will have 500 of these. If you do, you will be very successful in the game and capture a large number of Pokémon without the need to move, thus, you will be able to complete your collection of these creatures on your mobile.