Pokemon GO How much space does Pokemon Go occupy on Android? If you usually read our articles, then you will know that we always like ...

Pokemon GO How much space does Pokemon Go occupy on Android? If you usually read our articles, then you will know that we always like …

If you usually read our articles, you will know then that we always like to refer to many of what we consider the best video games available, and seeing what 2016 has been, we basically cannot stop taking into account the case of Pokemon Go. In this sense we have to emphasize in the same way, that there are many who want to know if they can install Pokemon Go on their terminals, so we are going to offer some information on that which we think may be interesting.

The first thing we have to consider in this regard is that Pokemon Go is a game that has somewhat important requirements. That is, the requirements of Pokemon Go are relevant, and in many terminals that do not belong to the medium or high range, you may not be able to enjoy the game. In any case, you have to consider that many iOS and Android devices do allow you to play Pokemon Go from a hardware point of view, and then we will only have to have the storage available in this regard.


How much space do I need to install Pokemon GO?

Well, the above is the question that many users are asking themselves right now, and we have to say about it that Pokemon Go it takes up less space than most of us think, to the point that once installed, you will hardly even realize it is on your device. What if To this we add that after downloading and installing Pokemon Go, it is not necessary to download or install any other type of content, we come to the conclusion that it is a more than interesting game.

If we consider the weight of Pokemon Go APK, that is the installation file of the game, we have to say that we are talking about 58 MB, which as we can see is not too much space, although later it will take more, of course, to be able to execute it at the time of installation. Even many times when we download a game like Pokemon Go directly from the Android application store, we can find that the weight is usually slightly higher, so having a little more does not hurt.

Of course there is much more information that we can take into account in this type of case, such as what are the broken down weights of all the elements that are part of Pokemon Go. In these situations, we can conclude that the installer weighs the 58 MB that we said before. However, later with research we have verified that the application itself is heavier, about 107 MB. To that we also have to add some data that Pokemon stores, of 45 MB, and we end up directly with the cache, which is 8 MB.

With all the calculations that we have previously performed, we then conclude that we will need approximately 160 MB free for the installation of Pokemon Go on our Android mobile device, although it is true that there are some little tricks in this regard. For example, we always have the possibility of having a microSD card that allows us to divert some of the contents of our device to it, avoiding taking up too much space that the device itself has.

This little trick of sending some of our content directly from the original storage of our device to the microSD memory We especially recommend it for terminals such as the Galaxy A or Galaxy J, while in the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, you will not even need that. In any case, you always have to know that it is completely possible to send audios, photos, WhatsApp videos, and many other content to the microSD, to install Pokemon Go without deleting other content that we like.

Have you been able to install Pokemon Go on your Android with this information?