Pokemon GO Does Pokemon Go Get Stuck Loading?  Here We Give You the Solution Pokémon Go is a game that from the day of ...

Pokemon GO Does Pokemon Go Get Stuck Loading? Here We Give You the Solution Pok√©mon Go is a game that from the day of …

Pokemon go is a game that, from the day of its launch, has over a million downloads on Google play. But even if it is a game that has long been released presents a lot of problems, for example, on many occasions Pokémon Go gets stuck loading and here we will deal with this problem and try to give you a solution.

Many users claim that Pokémon Go stays charging on the screen of The Pokémon Company, this can be due to several causes, so We will analyze each one and try to find a solution that allows you to repair Pokémon Go, such as when the screen goes black or gray after being launched or the game simply does not load.

Pokémon Go disconnects after starting

Although your mobile meets the Pokémon Go minimum requirements, this does not ensure that the game works perfectly, since it requires the use of sensors such as the Gyroscope to function properly.

Many users Can’t install Pok√©mon Go from the Play Store, so they end up downloading the APK where these types of applications can be found, so that they do not take into account whether or not their device is compatible with this game, being a game that requires a lot of RAM, a good processor and sensors to work well.

Pokémon Go gets stuck loading

If you could install pokemon go and it begins to have problems after updating it, then it may simply be an update error, so there are users who after updating Pokémon Go it gets stuck loadingwhile others install the game and have never been able to open it.

If you downloaded the game from Play Store, the most recommended is search the application with the application manager, delete the game data and cache, and then uninstall Pokémon Go. After doing this, you must restart your mobile and redownload Pokémon Go from the Play Store, this method is very safe and solves most of the pokemon go problems, mainly on mobiles where the game is not supported.

On the other hand, if your mobile is not compatible with Pokémon Go, there is not much to do, since surely this error is due to the fact that your mobile does not have the necessary specifications to keep the game running, the most you could try is speed up your mobile and try again to open the game.

These solutions usually work without problems in most phones from the brands Samsung, Alcatel, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Sony Xperia, Motorola and more, where Pokémon Go gets stuck loading, always and when they comply with the minimum installation requirements.