Pokémon GO Discover How to Receive Notifications from Pokémon Go If you are a Pokémon Go player, you would surely want to receive notifications ...

Pok√©mon GO Discover How to Receive Notifications from Pok√©mon Go If you are a Pok√©mon Go player, you would surely want to receive notifications …

If you are a player of Pokemon go you would surely want to receive Pokémon Go notifications on your phone, as it would be very useful to know if there is a pokemon nearby so you can catch it. This is easier than you imagine and very useful to avoid having to walk with the application open all the time, in addition, it is a very good way to save some battery, since when you receive a notification on the cell phone you will know that there is Nearby pokémon that you can catch, making things much easier in this game without the need to have your phone in hand all the time.

Pokemon go is a game that already has millions of downloads around the world, the best thing is that it can be downloaded for free from Google play and allows you to capture pokemon in real time with the help of your mobile. This is possible thanks to Augmented Reality technology, which, with the help of your mobile’s camera and GPS, you can locate each of these creatures in the real world.

How to receive Pokémon Go notifications on your cell phone?

What allows us receive notifications from Pokémon Go on mobile is an application that is for devices with Android. Is about PokeNotify, an application that allows us to know when there is a pokémon near us and thus catch it without the need to be in the game for several hours. Also, as I mentioned, it is a good way to optimize the battery life of your phone.

This tool is very good to play Pokemon go, since in addition to notifying you when a pokémon is near you, it also tells you the name of said creature, the exact and precise location of where you can find it and the approximate time in which it will disappear. It is for this reason that PokeNotify It makes playing this game considerably easier, thus helping each user to catch all the pokémon creatures they want.

Another important feature of this tool is that it allows you to configure some filters, this allows you to customize notifications by making the application warn only about the pokemon that we would like to catch, in this way you will save a significant amount of battery.

Download PokeNotify for Android

This application was active for free for a long time in the Google Play store for Android, however, it is not available at the moment. But don’t worry, surely by browsing the Internet a bit you can find the APK of this tool, however, if you are an iOS user you will not find it because it was never developed for this operating system.

Now that you know this new trick, what excuse do you have for not capturing all the existing pok√©mon? You already know how receive notifications from Pok√©mon Go on your cell phone while you can save some battery, it’s time to go out and complete your collection.