Pokemon Download Download Pokemon XY for DraSticWhen we think of the main video game franchises in history,…

Pokemon Download Download Pokemon XY for DraSticWhen we think of the main video game franchises in history,…

When we think about the main video game franchises in history, there is absolutely no doubt that many of them have to do with cartoons, series, and others, and in this case in particular, there are many readers who love the adventures of Pokemon. In the case, we have already been teaching some of the best tutorials related to this story, and today we wanted to pay off the debt we had with one of its most outstanding games, the so-called Pokémon XY.

The first thing we have to mention in this regard, is that while many games in the franchise have been a real bestseller in recent times, some of them stand out above the rest, as in the case of Pokémon XY, which is the one that interests us today. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y lead the searches of a huge number of users who want to enjoy all its advantages, downloading this title from the famous DraStic emulator for any Android device.

In any case, when it comes to installing Pokémon XY on Android, you have to know that the first thing is due to the download links, where we will find that you can download Pokémon XY from this link, while you will get the emulator in question from this link. Considering these essential aspects, then we are going to continue analyzing some other details that we are sure that many of the users and potential players of this title will also want to know.

More details about Pokémon XY

Well, then you already have the basic knowledge about Pokémon XY, and we believe then that it is time to go a little further, to mention other details about the franchise. What you have to know is that Pokémon XY corresponds to the already sixth generation of Pokémon titles, a generation that was specially developed for the Nintendo 3DS platform, and that in the same way, stands out for its productions made in the adventure and role segments, which is where it excels.

On this occasion, the trip will take the characters and main protagonists of Pokémon XY towards an adventure in Kalos, where the story unfolds in which they will have to get the eight respective medals from each gym and then participate in the great Pokémon League. Of course, Pokémon XY does not escape the other installments of the franchise, and we will have to give the characters a hand to overcome an enormous amount of difficulties that appear on their way as they advance.

Regarding the delivery of Pokémon XY specifically, we have to say that in this one we will see up to 60 of the most famous creatures, with very surprising characteristics and graphics if you have only stayed in the first generations of Pokémon games. Once you have installed the elements that we leave in the links above, you have to go to Settings, Security of your Android, and enable Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources, in order to run the game file.

The next step has to do with installing the DraStic emulator like any other external application, and then running the emulator and the Pokemon X and Y ROMs. To be sure that this step by step will work, you have to verify certain technical characteristics of your mobile device. For example, it must have an Android operating system 2.3.6 or higher versions, 1 GB of RAM, a processor with a minimum frequency of 1.2 Ghz, and a minimum free storage space of 3 GB.

Have you been able to install Pokémon XY for DraStic with this step by step?