Phrases Birthday phrases for a friend Do you have a friend who has a birthday in a short time?  Then it is…

Phrases Birthday phrases for a friend Do you have a friend who has a birthday in a short time? Then it is…

Do you have a friend who has a birthday in no time? Then it is better that you prepare the right words to get his attention when celebrating with him a new anniversary of his birth. We ourselves are going to offer you some of the best birthday phrases that you should take into account, since we can express in this way all the appreciation we have for that person, making it clear to them how important their presence is in our lives, and how much we love him.

The best birthday phrases for friends

  • I know that words cannot replace a hug, but they serve to send you my best wishes for your birthday. Congratulations on your day!
  • I wish you a year full of minutes of love, happiness and joy. Happy Birthday.
  • I hope this new year in your life is better than the last and that all your dreams come true. Happy birthday with all my heart!
  • May happiness and love be with you always. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday.
  • May this special day be the beginning of another year of happiness for you. Happy Birthday!
  • All the happiness in the world for this new year that opens before your eyes. Enjoy everything you can!
  • Let’s toast so that one more year we can toast together and celebrate your birthday. For a whole life more!
  • A today well lived with you makes each yesterday a happy memory and each morning a new hope. Happy Birthday friend!
  • Birthdays come and go. But unforgettable people remain in the heart forever. Happy Birthday.
  • For having the ability to surprise me, to cheer me up, to make me smile when I’m sad and for many other things, I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • One more year, one year less, the important thing is that we enjoy it. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to that special person who has always been by my side to share the good and the less good in life. Have a great day.
  • I don’t know how long I’ve known you, but any number seems little to me: I have the feeling of having been born with you. Happy birthday, chosen brother!
  • We have spent a thousand and one parties together, we have laughed until we cry and we have cried until we laugh. What are you waiting for to continue giving me moments by your side? Happy Birthday!
  • To celebrate your birthday I had thought of a cruise to the Caribbean. Would you mind watering my plants until I get back? Happy Birthday!
  • This year I have decided to make a donation for those most in need instead of buying you a gift … and, you know, how much I need to renew the clothes in my closet! Happy Birthday
  • If I don’t give you anything this year, don’t be offended, I’m saving for next year. Happy Birthday!
  • One look, two steps, three words, four caresses, five sighs, six emotions, seven kisses, eight dreams, nine promises … and so on to infinity. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! I congratulate you for being so mature, so sophisticated, but too deep to give importance to things so shallow and material… Like gifts.
  • Enjoy, friend, you will never be so young again!
  • Have a horrible day, full of tears and bad times. No … that’s a joke. It only pretended to be original and surely no one had wished you a happy birthday in this way. Let’s have fun!

Which of these birthday phrases for friends do you like the most?

Source: Elconfidencial